1. J

    Tuning, tweaking, playing advice please

    Hi all. Got my old 350d coupe being delivered tomorrow and Im new to Merc ownership. I very much like to play and tune and tweak and generally throw money at my vehicles but I have no clue with Mercs and as its going to be my commuter for the winter I got a bit of time to play with it...
  2. st13phil

    Playing Politics with London’s Transport System

    Interesting article by Quentin Willson here: London’s Anti-Car Legacy
  3. JimGreen

    Been playing with a spray can....... thoughts ???

    Been thinking about putting another colour on the C63's lower front spoiler, I initially did it with 3M Wrap, but it just didn't have the glossy finish I was after. Having done a bit of spraying in the past, I decided to go the whole way and bought myself a can of BMW Mini Chilli Red. I prepared...
  4. T

    Playing with my RENNtech!!

    Morning All, My car on the lowest setting. It still drives fine, no bottoming out, no tyre rub, no change in ride comfort!! Only problem is my mum thinks it looks like a drug dealers car!!! Dropped_1.jpg Photo by thefibreguy_photos | Photobucket
  5. L

    Rear suspension playing up.!

    Well I thought I had seen the last of dropping Airmatic suspension when the s class went and since owning the E 55 I've admired the way its sat even after a week or so unfortunately the last time I took it out I noticed that the rear looked a little lower than normal which gave me the Stop car...
  6. R

    Playing videos on E class W213 Comand

    Hi everyone - this is my first post... I have a new W213 E Class with the 12.3" Comand display. The car no longer has a physical CD/DVD drive so I wondered if it was possible to take advantage of the large, high resolution screen and play videos. I appreciate that they could never be viewed...
  7. zoros

    Command centre playing up

    Everything works except when I press CD. It tells me there is no CD in the tray when I have 6 in there. It will also not eject, even though the light for the housing unit behind the passenger seat is lit. Any suggestions/ideas gents? Z
  8. S

    Poor sound quality when playing music from phone (aux)

    I own a Mercedes CLC 350 2008 that hasn't done many kilometers since it rolled out of the factory. However the sound quality is really poor when I play music through the AUX port from my phone. The same phone/cable combo works perfect in my Skoda Octavia 2010 and the sound is great. However...
  9. L

    Sat Nav playing up

    I recently bought an E 350 Coupe CDI 2011 with flat bottom steering wheel the sat Nav does nt seem to know where the car is it thinks I'm in Manchester when I live in Nottingham.And when driving it normally says I'm off road as it's so far out. I doubt this will be an issue as I have a Mb...
  10. OJLane

    NTG 4 Not playing iTunes files

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a 2009 E350 cdi with the NTG 4 comand unit. I have many tracks purchased on iTunes however the unit will only play tunes ripped from CDs and nothing that was purchased through iTunes which is quite frustrating. I have also tried Bluetooth streaming from iPhone...
  11. P

    Playing iPhone audio through stereo

    I have just got myself a 2008 C63 AMG which is awesome, but I'm struggling to understand how I can play audio from my phone on the stereo. I can connect to BT but that doesn't allow audio to stream as far as I can work out. I read in the COMMAND manual about the media interface cables in the...
  12. D

    Playing MP3's via the auxiliary port

    Hi I haven't yet collected my Mercedes yet so I appologise for the question, when I take delivery I can obviously play around myself. It's a 2011 C-Class and was advertised as having an auxiliary port. I did look for this at the time in the glove box but couldn't find it (there were many other...
  13. H

    FLAC on SD card not playing

    Hi - does COMAND media interface not play FLA on SD? I've got a new W212 with media on Comand. It had an SD card under CD player. Having spent an hours filling up a 16GB SD card it appears not to work. I formatted a new SD card, transferred music folders over from my Buffalo...
  14. B

    C270 cdi - Not starting - electrics playing up

    Hi Guys Started C270 cdi tonight a left it running for about 3 mins. Went back yo it and it had cut out. Tried to restart and it would not try to turn. I did notice that the lights were dim and the lights were cutting out. Also key fob not always locking / unlocking car. Front light go out...
  15. Labrathor W202

    1998 W202 - heater playing up

    Hi guys. I went through some Threads but never found exact solution of my problem. I have 1998 C Class with digital climate control. Few weeks ago my heater started playing up. After starting the car I can feel cold/hot air coming out from blowers but I can control fan speed. It's just...
  16. Deane x

    Playing iPad though Bose stereo in s class

    Hi I want to play the music off my iPad thought my Bose stereo in my s class , I have seen on YouTube a man with a cassette tape with a iPhone adapter on it and it seems to work well , any ideas what I would need or if there is a better way , any help is much appreciated
  17. T

    Auto box playing silly buggers

    All, Hi All, I have a major problem:( I drove my wife into town 2 hours ago and my 2001 E320 CDI auto box started jumping between gears :fail I then collected my son from the airport 20 minutes ago and it drove fine. I parked and put the car in park, but didn't turn the engine off...
  18. A

    Bluetooth device for playing your phone through speakers.

    Hello I currently have this command system, no idea what model etc? it does have a 30pin iphone connector in glove box also. I've had the iphone 5 for a while and just seen this gizmo. Can I plug this into the 30 pin glove box lead and play the music through my phone. Saves reaching across...
  19. bennesspipers

    Me playing wi an Aston V12 DBS

    Fun drive in an Aston Martin DBS 6ltr V12 - YouTube As soon as i saw the DB9 & Ferrari in front the teeth were gritted :bannana:
  20. M

    Tiptronic playing up ?

    Hi Guys, I had a new battery on my CLK 230k (2000yr.) last week. I noticed when on a run the other day, that if the gearbox changed down from Drive to 4th, e.g. for a small incline, it will not change back up unless I wiggle the gearlever (as if changing manually) quite a few times and...
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