1. K

    Media only plays sound and no video on new W213

    Hi everyone, new member, this is my first post, I have a new W213 E Class. I have copied a DVD to the memory stick and saved as an MP4 file. When trying to play it in the car it plays as sound only with no video Am i missing something ?
  2. stwat

    Richard Hammond is bored and May plays the recorder and cooks !
  3. W

    C63 plays on the Mountain Circuit IOM

    Hello All just said hello in the new boy bit - but now see there is an AMG bit too....... shot this last viewed through good speakers......does the love of that V8 sound ever wear off........I think not! AMG IOM 1 - YouTube Wylie
  4. zsmaster

    Euro 2012. England plays Ukraine on June16

    Ukraine won Sweden this Monday! :bannana: Are there someone currently in Ukraine now? Or is going to visit? Have a suggestion to support favorite teems together! And can provide fascinating site-seeing! ;)
  5. R

    how crazy is this guy? it picks up pace as the video plays out ;-)

    Probably the most crazy man in the world - YouTube
  6. A

    COMAND plays dvds ?

    I have just brought a 57 reg E280CDI with a nice selection of toys (boys must have there toys). Inside i have a comand system which plays cds radio & satnav .Amongst the manuals was a dvd version of the car/comand manual.I tried the disc as instructed in the slot in comand cd slot, waited a...
  7. B

    W163 ML - 6 CD Changer that plays MP3

    Hi there. I have a 2004 Edition ML W163. It has the 6 CD Changer in the boot but I noticed the other day that it will only play normal CD's and not MP3 CD's. Do I need a different CD changer for this or is it something that can be enabled from the Command 2.0 DX Head Unit? Many thanks.
  8. Donza

    A211 870 38 89 - Plays MP3'S?

    Hi, Does the above changer play MP3's? Cheers
  9. Donza

    In Dash 6CD Changer - Plays MP3

    Either new/used. And preferably part number A2118703889.or any other version that supports MP3. Will pay decent money. Car is an 03 E320 CDi
  10. N

    CD changer only plays 99 MP3 Tracks

    I loaded my CD changer with 6 CD's with MP3 tracks on them, this weekend. I've noticed that only 99 tracks are seen on the Comand APS unit and only 99 tracks play. The changer then goes onto the next disk. Small problem I know and in future I'll only put 99 tracks on the CD. In the mean...
  11. I

    2005 SLK R171 COMAND plays MP3's???

    I have recently ordered my first SLK from dealer and have been told I Will have to wait until next allocations become available - suppose this give me more time to think about optional extras. Anyway - I have read on some sites that the COMAND system in the new SLK can play MP3 cd's and even...
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