1. clk320x

    Sony Playstation 3 320GB Slim

    Sony Playstation 3 - 320GB SLIM Has been used sparingly, Ill try my best to find some games to go with it but just moved house so everything is a bit difficult to find. Excellent condition, I have a red wired controller to include with it and if I can find it a blue wireless one with...
  2. E

    Sony PlayStation 3 80GB BUNDLE!

    Sony PlayStation 3 80 GB Piano Black Console (NTSC - CECH-K03) BUNDLE | eBay
  3. Dizwen

    Sony Playstation 3 YLOD

    Well after just fifteen months my PS3 has the fatal YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) Got a game disc stuck in the damn thing and Love film have just sent the next Blu ray film through, great. Rang Sony who offered me a re-conditioned model for £131. Politely told the lass on the phone that was not...
  4. BenzedUP

    Sony Playstation 3

    Hi, I have a Playstation 3 80GB for sale, It's in brand new condition, only used a handful of times and it's more or less new to be honest. Comes with all original boxes, seals and accessorries, wireless controller etc.. also comes with 7 top of the range games, will name them when I get...
  5. C

    My Playstation 3 60Gb is for sale

    Used about 10 times (Girlfriend moved in same time as I bought it :doh:)- it is as new. Comes with 2 x controllers, Tomb Raider (Underworld), Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue, Smackdown vs Raw 2008, Assassin's Creed. Also comes with Spiderman 3 Blueray film. Immaculate £200 Collect from Harlow Essex...
  6. EDZ649

    Playstation 3 FIFA 09 Game

    Playstation 3 FIFA 09 Game for sale in excellent condition £10 inc p&p:)
  7. BenzedUP

    Two Playstation 3..

    Games for sale, more or less brand new.. got them for my bday 2 weeks ago but they not really my type of games. They are; Resistance 2 and.. Uncharted Drake's Fortune. I'll let them go for £15 for both plus £2 P&P Thanks.
  8. BTB 500

    US Air Force using PlayStation 3s!

    Read below to see what the US Air Force are doing with 2,200 PS3s! Military use of consumer technology: War games | The Economist And an iPhone app for snipers?!
  9. BTB 500

    BBC iPlayer on PlayStation 3

    Brilliant! BBC iPlayer is now on the main PS3 menu bar, so you can watch anything there on your TV (in full screen). Mrs BTB is a convert ... using it to play baby BTB's favourites from CBeebies :o The free 'Vidzone' app. is pretty good too.
  10. Koolvin

    Playstation 3 - almost brand new

    I have a PS3 40gb 1 controller GTA 4 (i think its 4) COD 4 (I think its 4) Singstar 2 with 2 mics burnout paradise :bannana: PS3 Eye toy Camera original packaging and reciept available hardly used at all - looking for sensible offers
  11. Colin_b

    Playstation 3

    Just bought myself one of these, really as a blu-ray dvd player, now that has won. I'm impressed, plugged it into my cheap & cheerful 32" LCD TV with the included hdmi (looks like usb but wider) cable, and amazing quality video. It also plays the stuff I've recorded on my £120 video camera and...
  12. BTB 500

    Got a Playstation 3 and a wireless router? Try this!

    Did you know that you can play pictures, music, and video stored on your PC directly on the PS3? Rather handy if you've got it hooked up to a high-res TV and a decent sound system. I set it up last night ... dead easy. Assuming your PC has the current version of Windows Media Player (vers...
  13. Alps

    Playstation 3 game FIFA 2008

    brand new sealed, retails at £50 £30 inc postage PM me if interested
  14. BTB 500

    European launch of PlayStation 3 delayed till March 2007 :( :( :( :( Oh well at least the US and Japan (who are still getting it in November) will find all the bugs for us ... as happened with PS2.
  15. WLeg

    Playstation 3 - Preorder

    Does anyone know anywhere I can do this ? Only place I have found is : Having never done a pre-order before, is it normal to ask for a £50 deposit ?
  16. 1

    help with playstation install!

    hi people, basically i have just installed some sunvisor screens in my c class and wish to install a slimline ps2 in my glovebox, now there is enough room as its a 95 model with no passenger air bag, however i need to find some way of a tidy installation for power, i am not going to use an...
  17. Tan

    Playstation 2 - Canadian games

    Hi A friend has a UK Playstation 2 and wants to play Canadian bought playstation games on it. I heard that a NTSC to PAL converter is needed? Does the playstation also need to be chipped? Regards Tan
  18. scotth_uk

    Playstation Portable - now shipping - pics of it opened up!
  19. Tan

    X-Box or Playstation 2

    Hi I have been biten by the Gaming bug and am going to buy a console. The game that got me hooked is Burnout 3, the games that I am most likely to play are racing games. Whilst I have more or less decided on the X-Box, I feel that I should look at the others before making my final...
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