1. developer

    Hobbies - What's Your Pleasure?

    Just wondering what we do for a pleasurable pastime? Not the mainstream family stuff that we probably all do, but stuff that floats your boat during your recreational hours. Me, well it's this car thing - I enjoy my AMG to the point where it's become a pastime to drive it hither and thither to...
  2. whitenemesis

    Just for the Pure Pleasure

    Sun out and roads drying, so went out for a blatt around my fav 'test' route :devil: Can one ever tire of that supercharger whine? Sublime sound, coupled with the song from the exhaust, very intoxicating.! Love it, love it, LOVE IT :bannana::bannana: AMG Rules!! :rock:
  3. st13phil

    This will either be a source of great pleasure...

    ...or one of the daftest things I've done. I’ve been pondering for a while what my next car should be. The E350CDI has been a great car, but I don’t really need a car of that size, so I’ve been toying with moving back to a C-Class once the W205 is available. However, after three years...

    Always a pleasure

    We drove down to Devon for Christmas and yet again I encountered the pleasure of driving my Mercedes. I know my car is getting on for 11years old and I paid just over £3000 for her, but she always pleases me when she is going well. For me the cost of maintaining the car is part and parcel of...
  5. CE230

    An hour of pleasure

    Cleaning the chrome surround and gunsight :bannana: Next on list is to fix the scrapes on the black bumper inserts and I have been looking at the Halfraud products to do this. Has anyone used these or is there an alternative that could recommended?
  6. bruiserdennison

    W124 vs W129 driving pleasure?

    I can't quite believe it but I find my 1992 300CE (with 170K miles) more of a pleasure to drive than my 1994 SL500 (91K miles). The steering and suspension feel so much better in the E-Class (tighter and more solid with a very smooth ride). I know that the sportline suspension is good but I just...
  7. A

    Driving pleasure...

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