1. Palfrem

    Plod should throw the book at this to$$er!

    BBC News - Snow covered M60 driver in Manchester captured on film
  2. Beetnik

    Plod - what a waste of time

    So we turn up at the shop a few days ago to find a smashed window - going on £200 to replace, disrupted business etc. 'C'est la vie' we think but mid morning a guy comes into the shop to tell us that he witnessed what happened, followed the miscreant home and provided a description and...
  3. Satch

    Plod not allowed to change flat tyres

    On their own patrol cars that is. Some genius went so far down the outsourcing route they now have to wait for the contract company to turn up. "Details of the policy emerged after two officers were left waiting to be rescued for almost two hours in Surbiton, south London, after getting a...
  4. kjay

    Got a visit from Plod

    Hi folks. This is not realy a rant, I just think it's so ridiculous and laughable. Here's the story.. About 2 weeks ago, I was driving the Merc. Following a Rover, we approached a tight left hand bend which sometimes requires you to stop and give way to traffic coming the other way. The Rover...
  5. Ian B Walker

    Who said plod was useless?

    On the Park where I have my works a total of 14 cars were vandalized last night. Fortunately non of them were cars belonging to customers of mine. ALL Customer cars are locked away at nights. However, my Porsche was parked outside :crazy: Some scroat has tried to get into it. Both door tops are...
  6. S

    New powers for PLOD!!!!

    Just found this on Autotrader. I'm not impressed,are you? Boy racers and riders who cause a nuisance to other road users could have their bikes seized by the police when a new law comes into force. The Police Reform Act 2002 gives Plod new powers to confiscate cars and motorcycles on...
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