1. R

    Pre-facelift s203/C240 Buying advice plse

    OK, done my soppy newbie intros last night, so it's payback time. :o Think I'm going to regret this but have my dodgy ticker set on a MY2002 74000 miler C240 Avantgarde Auto estate (S203) with SatNav in my fave colour metallic red. The wheeler-dealer (non franchised) wants £5995 for this 2...
  2. K

    whats it worth Advice plse

    Thinking of selling my CLK W208 1998 320 SPORT, I dont want to but the wife has now decided on a caravan and I refuse point blank to put a towbar on such a gorgeous car, I also dont think it would pull what she has got her eyes on. the car as you can see is in mint condition and probably one...
  3. B

    My first post! - Help on Winter driving, plse!

    Hi everyone - I didn't want this to be my first post but here goes. I'm a very proud owner of a W203 - new as at Sept 1st 03. 220CDi SE (hence auto) - now I've never owned an auto before (or Merc come to that!!) so it was a heart in the mouth type moment. However both wifey and myself love it...
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