1. gurpz

    Happy Birthday Pluggers

    Happy Birthday mate :bannana:
  2. pammy

    happy Birthday Pluggers

    Have a great day chuck :bannana: :bannana: At least it looks like you've got some sunshine!!:D :D
  3. wobbly

    Pluggers 40

    Happy 40th Birthday Pluggers :bannana: :bannana:
  4. KillerHERTZ

    For Pluggers?

    Would complete your CLK facelift as they have no repeator holes HERE
  5. imadoofus

    Happy Birthday Pluggers!!

    Surprise!!! We were all hiding behind the sofa waiting for you to come in, but then when you did, we forgot to jump out.... Have the rest of a happy birthday :bannana: :bannana: PJ Blimey, as soon as Pammy goes off, we all go to pieces
  6. High-Lo

    Pluggers is this your old 202?

    eBay Linky
  7. R

    Pluggers have you seen this?
  8. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday to Pluggers

    Have a great day mate :bannana:
  9. Thmsshaun

    PLUGGERS Advice Required

    Dont know if you have seen my pics but the engine is a bit tatty. (Click on link in the sig) What i am trying to acheive is one looking as yours. Advice on the best methods to achieve that quality of finish please. Cheers thmsshaun
  10. Simon

    Happy birthday Pluggers

    Have a good un :bannana:
  11. BaldGuy

    FAO... Pluggers,Alps,Jimmy,Grav,Simon and Kinky

    Firstly sorry for the group post, I hope you guys don't mind....Ok guys I have you lined up for these bits.... Pluggers - Phone Console Alps - CD Changer / Pump Jimmy - Grill (Paid Thanks) Grav888 - Pump Simon - CD Holder (Paid Thanks) Kinky - Pedals (Will meet up) Pluggers,Alps and...
  12. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday pluggers!

    pluggers, Happy Birthday mate :D Hope you have a good day ;) Have a 'narner... :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: S.
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