1. Headhurts


    Apologies to any plumbers on here that do a good reliable job but I have yet to find one. The last one I used has let me down four times, shame on me for allowing it. It almost seemed p**s taking, I needed an outlet kit fitting to my bund tank and a small seepage from an air valve in airing...
  2. E

    Tap gland/packing/sealing ring - any plumbers on here?

    Not as straightforward as it might seem, to me at least. I have a swivelling kitchen mixer tap, on which the swivelling head is secured into the body of the tap by a nylon ring/gland/packing/washer/collar :dk: which is in turn secured by a grub screw. With time, the ring etc. has worn, and the...
  3. kusanku

    Are plumbers regulated?

    This one is totally off-topic. Does anyone know if there is a professional body that regulates plumbers? I have a local plumber, who I have used for a few years without complaint. I recommended him to my neighbours, who had a very different experience with him. In short, he failed to fix their...
  4. R

    Plumbers - can't remove plastic sink waste

    Hi, Really appreciate some help. I think there's a problem with the waste on my sink as it takes ages for the water to drain from the sink, and no amount of unblocker will help. So I've decided to replace the waste, seeing as they don't cost to much. However the waste is stuck solid, i...
  5. reflexboy

    Any plumbers or heating engineers in the house?

    Morning gents I have the dreaded Potterton Suprima 50 boiler (3 PCBs later). More or less cured the 'lockout' problem by having installed the latest PCB, but still get a 'lockout' every week or so. I have put this down to the fact that my pipes are constantly gurgling with when the boiler/pump...
  6. The Boss

    Urgent - anyone know any plumbers in Harrow/Stanmore

    I had a plumber over today, messed up a radiator, it is leaking, and i need some one to rectify it. I kicked him out after 3 disasters with him, so if anyone knows a plumber in the area or is a plumber, please let me know Dillan 07947 222 802
  7. bigjim

    Any plumbers here?

    I'm in need of a Wilo Gold 50 pump. Actually I don't need the pump itself I just need the plastic cover that fits over the electrics. If any of you happen to ditch or replace a faulty one - please can I nab the plastic cover. Thanks :thumb:
  8. Beetnik

    Any plumbers about?

    It would happen on xmas eve... Grohe cistern on a toilet. It has a pump action - flush button has a plastic tube on the back which disappears into the cistern. Gone from one push required to two for the last few days so I was hoping it would last out 'til after the holiday. Now needs 7 or 8...
  9. I

    Any good plumbers in Bristol?

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good plumber who works in the Bristol area. Specifically I'm looking to have an immersion element replaced on a OSO Direct 20 RD water heater. If you know of anyone then please pass on their details. Thanks Ian :)
  10. 230K

    Dodgy Plumbers

    Look at this video of a job in Cork. Made me laugh. Oh not endorsing any of the comments of the guys in the video about the nationality of the plumbers, just thought it was funny. In fact it may even be staged. Enjoy...
  11. C

    one for the plumbers out there

    I've recently had a vertical rad(2m) fitted to my existing central heating system. It 'tinkles' when on and I've bled it for ages to try and get any air out with no joy. I've got two more of these rads that I've had in for a couple of years and I've got these to run silently now but I cna't...
  12. I

    Any plumbers in the house?

    I need to change a stopcock valve, it's 3/4". Is that the same as 22mm? In other words can I just do a straight swop...? Thanks in advance......
  13. reflexboy

    Any plumbers here?

    Hi- I need to run some MDPE (blue plastic) pipe underground down the length of my garden to feed an outside tap. Anyone know what depth the pipe should be buried at to protect it from freezing and the regs about the depth? Thanks.
  14. GrahamC230K

    Plumbers advice needed!

    For a reason I cannot figure, my garden tap has really low pressure. The mains appears to enter the house under the kitchen sink, where there is the main stop **** for the house and an additional tap that isolates the ouside tap. The outside tap itself is no more than 5 meters away. Both stop...
  15. scruffy

    any plumbers out there?

    any plumbing/heating engineers in merc land, need some advice on filling a primatic cylinder. thanks
  16. uumode

    Any recommended plumbers

    Need a plumber... but scared stiff of calling (a bad) one. They make stealerships seem tame. I watched Watchdog and that didn't help with their focus on rogue plumbers :S Any recommendations for one in Berkshire? Hourly rates are £40-80 + VAT so far, with no recomendation.
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