1. lisa110rry

    Gull-Copter strike forces 800ft plunge

    Gull strikes helicopter forcing 800ft plunge - BBC News The last line of this report is priceless!
  2. Haven't a clue!

    Took the plunge!

    Hi All, With no previous experience of them, decided (with OH encouragement) to purchase a late 2012 C-class (AMG sport) 220 (170bhp) variant, just getting to grips with it now and certainly growing on me. Never had a MB or diesel before so quite a change, slightly concerned at winter...
  3. nickjonesn4

    Taking the plunge

    taking my e55 in to get the remedial work done it needs at Eurocharged on 10th. New intercooler pump, breathers, some front suspension parts that are rusted and creaky. Also getting the underbody done with Waxoyl. Couldnt resist remap having managed 3 weeks of ownership not the 6 months I...
  4. flat6buster

    Taken the plunge

    Well I've just given Gertie the G Wagen her final wash before she goes off to the bodyshop this weekend for a full windows out respray. There is a part of me that thinks I must be mad. She is in really very good condition with just one or two small areas of rust that I want seeing to because...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Taken the plunge with an SLS

  6. S

    Newbie about to take the plunge

    Hi All, New member..I'm about to order new E Class estate? Never had a Mercedes before. I've done all the other German marques and I'm currently in a Volvo XC60. Hope I'm doing the right thing?
  7. D

    Hello - Thinking about taking the plunge

    Hello all, Just thought I would introduce myself. I am David Fox (aka Foxy) and I have longed for a MB with AMG on the end. As my Dad has had 19 MBs in his lifetime, his retirement gift to himself was a C63 AMG Coupe. After driving it several times I have come to the conclusion that I need...
  8. B

    I took the plunge

    Thanks for all your advice pre-purchase on the W211. I took the plunge and got myself what I hope turns out to be a bargain, I have had it 3 days and have 300 miles of extremely contented driving. I just have a couple of questions: 1. What is the best product to clean and precondition the...
  9. Stig2082

    Taken the D6 III Brabus plunge with my CLS

    After patiently waiting for the right chip to come up at the right price, have now installed the D6 III Brabus chip on my CLS. So far am very impressed by the effect it has had. It adds quite a bit of urgency to proceedings - the tourque wave seems to be accessible a bit earlier and is stronger...
  10. M

    Taking the plunge

    Have been searching for ages for a quality SLK 32AMG and gave up this week after tiring of fruitless forays to the far flung corners of the empire. Missed a good one through over haggling and the thought of paying 10k for a ten year old car.... I know better now and am kicking myself for...
  11. stevieb15

    Taken the plunge at last

    Since buying the SL I've done so many more miles than I had ever planned in it, in fact 33,000 in 27 months.The sheer joy of it has been compulsive and my other car, the BMW 530d whilst being worthy is just so boring I haven't driven it since last October, in fact it's currently SORN'd and the...
  12. MercDane

    Took the plunge this week!

    Hi everyone, I'm Gabriel, from Denmark but live in lovely Croatia with my Croatian wife, Zrinka, and 10 year old son. Just bought my first Merc this week. A 2002 W203 CDI 220. It's imported from Italy and as far as my mechanic and I could see while giving it a good thorough service (all oil...
  13. K

    Taking the plunge - advice much appreciated!

    Hello all and thanks for looking, newbie here. Just started the hunt for a CLK 500 / 55 AMG. Jumping out of a BMW 330d as want something with 2 doors and much more sex appeal. My big concern is expensive bills. In the last 12 months Ive shelled out £2k for a new turbo and the gearbox went...
  14. Z

    Taking the plunge

    Headgasket's gone on my W124 230CE coupe but as the car's in such good nick I'm going to get it fixed. Flush out the engine and give her a good old service. However there's a bit of a squeak coming from under the car when I go over bumps. It sounds like a groaning creak, hesitate to say graunch...
  15. Charles Morgan

    Taken the plunge - my new W124 E320 Coupe

    I have been sorely tempted by Nick Froome's cars at W124 and while I had been planning an estate, a solitary dunkelblau with mushroom leather E320 Coupe was listed, and I was smitten. Trecked down to a very sunny Brighton this morning, met Nick, had my fears about rear legroom eased, and went...
  16. G

    Ive taken the plunge

    Ive just gone out and bought a 51plate CLK230K Elegance so it seems I will probably be appearing on here quite abit..... ;)
  17. E

    Taken the plunge with Elite detailing

    After alot of thought and consideration I have booked my car in with these guys in about 4 weeks time to get full paint correction and a full detail. I know the detailers are not cheap and I thought it would be a waste of money but I have seen his work on several of my friends cars and the...
  18. M

    So I've taken the plunge on a cl500

    Put a deposit down on one today. 51 plate 52k on the clock. Can't wait to get it now, getting into the e92 m3 after it was almost a culture shock, the cl is so comfortable. A couple of questions though: 1 where is the cd changer usually kept 2 where can i get a set of facelift rear lights 3...
  19. Goldman555

    I've Taken the Plunge!

    Thanks very much for everybody's help and advice on this forum. I have handed over the readies for my 54 plate C55 in black with grey leather interior........ IT is coming at the weekend and I am SOOOOOO excited:bannana: I will post some pics as soon as I get my mitts on it.. Now for...
  20. Ted

    Now Fiat take the plunge........
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