1. G

    Mobile Sray painter needed plz!

    I want to have the wing mirrors and chrome surrounds around the DLRs sprayed black - its for a in the birmingham area so if you know anyone please let me know
  2. T

    Dash cam advice plz

    Hi new to forum I have a nextbase dash cam with a hardware kit I have e250 2013 and I was wondering if there is a switch live anywhere near the front of the car cos I don't want to run wires to rear if I can help it or if already a thread about similar can some1 point me in the right direction...
  3. R

    Snapped glowplugs. Light on permenent plz help

    Hello I changed my gp and cyl 1-2 snapped off I changed 3-4-5, assembled car, but my gp light won't switch off. Even if I remove the 3 pin from relay.(no blown fuses on relay) Bought one 4 cyl relay, and still the same. Light won't turn off in dashboard How can I switch the light off...
  4. S

    C124 coupe pics plz

    Hello everyone I'm a new member! Hope everyone's well! I'd like to see your cars !! Can we get some c124 coupe pics up Thanks I'd like to see some of your cars please Only one I've seen is mine! There's a certain dark blue colour I've seen that has like a purple to it that I think is one of...
  5. S

    C124 pics plz

    How do I find existing c124 coupes on this site???? Thanks There's only 4 coupes on this whole site Is it that rare??
  6. ace8800

    CLS55 buying advice plz!!

    Hi all.. Im not new to the club but been away since my last clk320cdi sport in 2014.. i went on to a Lexus ISF and loved every second of it. Built solid with no common/major problems and power delivery was shockingly un characteristic for a Lexus. After selling the ISF, im in a Bmw 320d...
  7. D

    mercedes clk convertible roof problems ..plz help

    Hi can any one plz help .. i have a mercedes clk .. the problem is the roof . when i open the roof the windows go down .the back roof window goes up , and thats about as far as it gets , also the roof button then starts to flash red . any tips would be most grateful thanks
  8. M

    Clk430 17" tyre option. Help plz .

    Hi there folks , I was wondering if anyone could shade a little light on the tyre options for a set of clk430 17" rims . The tyres fitted at the moment are 225/45/17 at the Front & 245/40/17 at the Rear . Could I possibly fit 235/45/17 for the front & 255/40/17 for the rear.? Thanks
  9. C

    2004 W211 SBC various fault codes - Help required plz

    Hi there, I've had a frequently very noisy SBC since I purchased the car last October. Now I have a brake service workshop message on my dash and the following codes have been read from a snap on system:- P2000 Brake Pressure Implausible P2010 CAN Communication is Faulty C249E...
  10. D

    Need Need the part number and dimensions urgently plz!

    Hey guys, i bought an HID kit to install for my C-180 2013 which has OEM halogen lights, the thing is right now am in the UK and am trying to buy the headlight rear bulb cover/lid. Can someone please provide me with part number of these bulb covers and its dimensions (any W204 2012,2013,2014...
  11. M

    Mercedes sec 560 gearbox issues. Help plz!

    Hi guys recently come across a problem with my gearbox. I believe I might need a new box just wanted to know if the are any good specialist or even better if I can replace it with a 500 gearbox. Regards. Mo
  12. M

    Electronic noticeboard. Help plz

    Hi we have purchased an led tv to use as an electronic noticeboard for our business. Is there any software specifically for this free online. We basically wanted a continuous loop of approx 5-6 pages which we would update as and when needed with the info we need via a USB connection. My...
  13. harries2

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle roughHelp plz. Does a c

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough
  14. harries2

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough
  15. harries2

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough

    My engine runs rough on tick over fine top end just wondering does the crankcase breather pipe if broke cause rough idle plz help thankyou.
  16. S

    ml 230 will start and drive but then will not

    hi guys i have a ml 320 it was great ,i have had it for three weeks all ways what one this is my first one. but some times i can go out to the car and it starts drives but the next day the car will turn over but will not start for love or money the battery will go flat before she will start but...
  17. 7

    Merc part number troubles.can som1 plz help me

    Hi. Could some1 plz help ive come across some old stock and having trouble wprking out what parts are for what car. I have a mercedes steering rack number on barcode is A 901 460 42 00. Does any1 know were I can match these type of numbers with years and model cars/vans. A help much...
  18. G

    Hello plz help I'm new

    Hi can I ask what wires on the srs emulator connects to the seat wires, i didnt get instructions with the emulator off ebay, my poor clk240 w209 model has the srs light on & its driving me crazy, the wires I have under the seat are blue & white, brown, & red with black stripe. Thanks
  19. ducatiboy

    S class 320 cdi 220 help plz

    My electrics have gone nuts . My button for the mirrors put the windows down . The trunk pops open itself . I had to disconnect driver s electric seat as it was moving forward on its own . Any ideas on what is wrong
  20. C

    Where is the POWER STEERING FLUID Reservoir on mercedes E220 CDI 2005 Model. HELP PLZ

    Hello all. im new to this site. please help me. i just bought a mercedes e220 cdi 2005 car. its done about 72000 and all serviced by main dealers mercedes. my concern is that the steering wheel seems to be heavy. i have driven other cars of similar sort and the steering wheel on mine compared...
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