1. A

    Bonnet support kit - Pneumatic

    Hi, everybody, as I know there are no gas bonnet springs from the conveyor. I dont think it is good for MB car. Whether somebody tried kits produced by aftermarket parts producers? Im not sure if it is correct section of forum to post this. Need help form moderator. :dk:
  2. R

    560SEL Hydro pneumatic suspension issue

    Hello All, A friend of mine in Paris has a 560SEL with a height issue. As I understand it, the car rises up when started but it never becomes level at the front. He reports that one (front) side's higher than the other. I haven't seen the car so can say no more and I've never owned one so much...
  3. N

    My PSE/Dynamic seat pump experience

    Had the car over 3 years now and only for a short spell of me having the car have the dynamic seats and pneumatic bolster adjustments actually worked. Once it failed, investigations ensued; hit the pump in the boot with a hand, it kicks back in… so every time I went back to it, I gave it a hit...
  4. WDB124066

    W124 Manual Pneumatic Lumbar Support.

    I remember seeing a 124 seat with a hand bulb that pumped up a lumbar cushion in the seat, similar to what the old blood pressure machine hand pump looked like. Has anybody got any experience with these, are they available on catalogue order or something, or was the one I saw a one off home made...
  5. C

    V-class compressor failure - Pneumatic suspension

    As the title suggests, mine's failed [again :crazy: ] Does anyone know if/where they can be rebuilt? Or a breakers with half a chance of getting one? [Nothing on Partbreaker] Or somewhere I can buy a new unit for less than a Grand? Thanks in advance. [Sorry - my searches didn't work well but...
  6. kdj

    PSE Pneumatic system doorlock Control Module

    B1729 (fault code) PSE Pneumatic system doorlock Control Module (?air pump?) what the bloody ell does this do? I've just been informed that its faulty with a replacement cost of £455 all in. It doesnt affect the engine in any way but the tow away switch on the dash is constantly lit. is the...
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