1. OneTwoNine

    Info - W219 / W211 Changer Pocket

    I'm removing the command system completely out of my CLS but I still want full use of the pocket where the CD changer sits. Does anyone know how to get this to work without the CD changer / command fitted or know the parts I need to be able to make this work. All help will be greatly...
  2. Bruce Wayne

    Mercedes Benz Luggage Net Mesh Pocket Boot Floor W212 W213 C218 E-Class

    Hi all, I have a spare luggage net as per the tittle. It came with my E-Class 220d but never used it. See photos. Mercedes Benz Luggage net Boot floor Black Part Number: A 212 868 00 74 Black New £35 plus postage. Alternatively you are more then welcome to collect, I'm based in...
  3. brucemillar

    Is that a gun in your pocket?

    Police Appeal As Gunman In Dress Robs Adult Shop http://news.sky.com/story/gunman-in-red-dress-and-wig-robs-sex-shop-in-liverpool-10557267 Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  4. Druk

    Pocket watch repair.

    I have my grandad's pocket (fob?) watch and the glass is missing. Any recommendations for someone to repair this please? Also, it is (probably) a German watch from the early 1900's, maybe even earlier, but with no makers name just a serial number 34106 and stamped 'Garantie 10 Jahre'. It...
  5. H

    Seat back pocket DIY repair, CLS and others

    Hi all, after finding a few hints on carrying out this repair I though I would take a few pics as I went to help others. As Im usually useless at diy stuff like this I figured this thread would give others like me confidence to carry out what is a very simple job to rectify what must be a common...
  6. L

    URGANT - possible to replace R230 SL side door pocket armrest? job in progress...

    Hi all, so this morning I just started the job to replace a stained side armrest on my SL 55 with a new one supplied by merc, door came off fine, but I'm stumped at to how to actually acsess the long pin that holds the armrest onto the pocket, i must admit I'm in a bit of a rush now so any help...
  7. Timster

    Legal advice req'd - Out of pocket losses.

    So, my car was parked, I wasn't in it - someone hit it, and it was written off. Due to my location I paid lots of ferry fees and it took 10 days for a courtesy car to be delivered to me - I was informed this was all something I could claim back. Claim went in in July, today I've finally been...
  8. Abdul

    CLK W208 single din pocket

    Hi guys, I'm after a single din pocket (the one below/above the stereo). Must be in good nick. Cheers
  9. asinrutee

    Hot Pocket

    Can anyone explain this. I changed a battery a 9v PP3 in my caravan alarm. I put the old battery in my coat pocket. When I got home I put my car key in the same pocket and hung it up in the hall. When I put my coat back on 4 hours later the car key and the battery were both hot not warm but hot...
  10. A

    W203 Seat back pocket

    Hey folks. I want to remove the map pockets at the back of the driver and passenger seats (facing rear seats) is it easy to do? I cant seem to find any clips to remove
  11. R

    Optoma Pico PK201 Pocket LCD Projector

    I have for sale my PK201 pocket projector and a few extra accessories: PK201 - Optoma EMEA - PK201: PK201 Optoma USA Optoma USA Search Products - pk201 All standard accessories: Optoma PK201 projector, power adapter (US plug), rechargeable Li-ion battery, male USB cable, standard A/V...
  12. J

    Pocket Taser

    Its a bit of a read, but one of the funniest things I've read in a while! Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a...
  13. C

    How to connect my pocket pc to inbuilt phone with comand unit

    Hi, I hope someone can help.... I have a W210 with a built-in Ornage Pay As You Go phone that works lovely - as it should.... If this were my proper phone - it would be fine. I have a pocket pc style phone & both are on the same network provider (Orange).... Does anyone know how I...
  14. mercmanuk

    9ct gold pocket watch

    American Waltham Watch Company 9ct gold pocket watch. the serial number dates the watch to about 1904. size 0 model 1891 seaside grade 7 jewels the case is made by the dennison watch case company of london. sizes approx...dia 35mm/chain ring-base 50mm/thickness 8mm good condition...
  15. Spinal

    What's in your pocket?

    Your jacket pocket that is... I've got a cheapo corporate pen that gets given out as marketing material and a Fisher Space Pen... I'm looking to replace the space pen with something more... suitable... something a bit more "formal" so I'm curious to see what you're carrying :) M.
  16. V

    Pocket money car

    This much luxury for the price of a long-weekend in Paris http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200224384242
  17. grober

    Warning to pocket battleship owners.

    It would appear that some biofuels may not be "boat friendly" according to this article in the L.A. times. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-boat15apr15,0,2271802.story I only wish I had a big old sports boat to worry about.:( ;) Heard of this one Howard??
  18. Spinal

    What's that bulge in your pocket?

    So my wallet died... after travelling half the world, it ended up as a few scraps of leather barely held together... I get VERY attached to my wallet; and even though I have at least 5 others - I don't like them as much as this one. I also need to buy another to replace this one; (its a...
  19. Jukie

    Windows Mobile 5.0 vs Pocket PC 2003 SE

    Anyone got experience of both or care to comment? I'm looking at a Windows-based mobile device. Possibly an I-mate K-Jam (WM5) or an older SP3 (Pocket PC 2003 SE). I know there are members who have an O2 XDA. How are you finding the opsys? TIA, David
  20. Mozzer

    Navman SmartST 2005 for Pocket PCs

    Anyone got these CDs ? If so, please PM me. Anyone got the speed camera software you can add to this (available on e-bay ?) Is its any good / worth it ? Cheers Stuart
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