1. johnlewis1964

    I Pod connection.

    Hi folks thanks for letting me join. I have just bought an 08 C180 . Love it. I would like to connect my I touch to the audio system. What is the best way I can only see 1 aux out connector any ideas please. Many Thanks.
  2. wu56Shoozz

    2006 w639 111CDi Vito Instrument Pod..

    Has anyone successfully changed a later pod with the two clock for an early binacle with the rev counter etc...can it be done? I like the look of the later instrument pod...hence the question.
  3. S

    I Pod connectivity with Command

    Hi Guys This is my first post so hello. I bought my first Mercedes a few weeks ago (an E 250 Estate 2013) When I bought it I was assured that my I Pod which at that time was a Classic would play through the system with full functionality. I quickly discovered that whilst it played through...
  4. A

    Two Peas In A Pod lol

    Evening everyone, I had the chance to get a decent picture of both cars side by side today, I noticed how the saloon looks a decent chunk wider that the cab, maybe it's just me lol I bought a spoiler for the cab off of ebay and got it fitted last week, quite chuffed with it, might get...
  5. Peter DLM

    Santa Pod. 2nd April.

  6. Peter DLM

    Went Santa Pod. Pistonheads Sunday Service.

    I really need new rear tyres. :fail In hindsight they've done a few track days and a top speed event so have had lots of big heat cycles and are past their best. I didn't even lower the pressures from the standard 39psi. I think 20psi might have helped, and also staying for the hotter temps as...
  7. D

    11.01@129mph @ Santa Pod

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I've posted anything, but went to santa pod on Sunday and had a good day out with the lads so thought I'd report back. Car ran best 11.01@129mph on Sunday but there's definitely a lot more in there, as the 100-200KMH time was around 0.7 on my best during the final...
  8. Hunty2198

    The Fast Show 10th April Santa Pod

    Anyone looking to go to this? The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway, the first performance and modified car event on the calendar. Featuring huge club stand displays, Run What Ya Brung, FWD & JDS Drag Racing, Drifting, Stunt Displays, Jet Car, Trade Village, Caterers, Fun Fair Rides and much...
  9. flango

    Best pod coffee machine

    I know we have covered various aspects of this before on other threads but I need to buy a coffee make for my office and for ease it needs to be the pod variety. Lots on offer at the moment at various retailers would like to spend <£100 but thought I would seek the direct experiences of the...
  10. D

    GoPro Footage Of My 11.03@128mph At Santa Pod Saturday

  11. G

    Santa Pod RWYB Sat 4th July

    Hello, I'll be running my old SL55 there this weekend against a mate with a 997.1GT3. I'll probably not take his scalp unless he completely fluffs it (or catches fire - fingers crossed), however is anyone else attending? Thanks, P
  12. BenzedUP

    Santa Pod

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is well. Looking to head down there with a friend of mine. Looking at the following 2 dates: Anybody up for it? Bruno? Thanks.
  13. D

    c350e - Which Home Charger / pod ? (UK)

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows where to start when looking for a charger for at home for a C350e ? Any grants still about for these ? Which connection does it use ? The C350e seems to just have one socket, some (non MB) have 2 types of sockets (ie Outlander) is there a reason of...
  14. JamesRan

    Run What Ya Brung - Santa Pod

    Run What Ya Brung (RWYB) - Public Track Day Anyone ever done this? I'm really looking forward to doing this in the summer. Never done anything like it before, so will all be new! :D
  15. M

    Central performance day @ santa pod 19/4/15 all mercedes owners welcome.

    All fellow mercedes owners welcome to attend the central performance show @ santa pad raceway (northants). This show is now in its 10th successful year & now for the first ever time! Is now opened up for any classic or performance car to attend. Even if you dont have a car please come along &...
  16. blondee

    Santa Pod Euro Finals... Anyone attending?

    Does anyone here follow the drag racing? Anybody going to the pod next weekend at all?
  17. S

    Mercedes a210 instrument pod

    Left the car over the winter , got damp inside A good valet removed most the mould , the only lasting problem is the mileage display Led. Only some of the digits showing Worked once when car heating was on for a couple of hours , but not again. Is the only remedy a new instrument pod ? Thanks
  18. brabD3S

    w204 vent pod install

    hi guys started a little project with a boost pod custom vent install I've done these in the past with vw/audi but never found anything for the w204,s. I've managed to source an electronic gauge that complements the amg sport dials nicely. removed drivers side vent blocked and removed front...
  19. S

    Santa Pod - open again soon

    Santa Pod opens again on the 19th and 26th Jan any of you lot fancy putting your modifications to the test. Come on you know you want to.
  20. rossy

    Passanger door seat control pod..

    How does this come off and go back...all the controls work but the pod is lose like its not clipped in? Tried a search and can't find...but not sure what I'm searching for...
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