1. M

    Comand online: SD card & POI & Routes

    Looking for some help please. Some recent versions of Comand have the option to load Personal POIs from SD card and also to load or save routes. For both POIs and routes, this functionality requires gpx files of the correct format to be copied to the SD card in specific folders (this is...
  2. gigdesigns

    Linguatronic POI search UK not possible

    I've recently bought a C Class W205 which I believe has Comand NTG5*2. I've starting to learn some of the MB voice commands, one of which is the navigation command: "POI by name" (You can also say "Points of interest by name") This command should allow you to do a keyword POI search, however...
  3. gr1nch

    NAVI personal POI icons for C0MAND

    Hello folks, Do you know the Daimler/Mercedes IconId (POI icon) numbers for COMAND? Ideally, I'm looking for a spec sheet for their vpx XML extensions which includes the icon number codes. The standard speed camera IconId is "6". The trouble is all the sets of POIs (WiFi, etc) are all using...
  4. Rctaylor1966

    Sending Personal POI to Comand from Iphone 6

    Hi All, Ok so I have had my new R172 SLK (2016 Model) for just under a week now and am very pleased with it all in all. I have been playing with POI using Google Maps and the 'Send to Car' works really well. I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out a way to do this via an...
  5. ian1676

    Displaying POI on Comand NTG2.5

    Can anyone tell me how I set the Comand system in my 2008 CLS to show points of interest on the mapping? I've seen others showing petrol stations etc with little logos but mine doesn't and it would be useful! I have looked in the handbook many times but can't figure out! I have Comand NTG 2.5...
  6. B

    Question about POI's on Comand

    Hi All, I have a 2006 E280cdi with Comand fitted. On the maps the only POI's I have are sports centres, which I don't want, and petrol stations, which I do. I can't seem to see anything in the menus which will allow me to get rid of the sports centres and add useful things like carparks...
  7. A

    Free POI downloads? what site do you use?

    Hello About to update wifes TomTom One and I use to use pocket GPS years ago for POI, added the safety cameras and caravan club sites etc.. Is this still the 'best' any others out there? Thanks
  8. D

    Comand and POI's

    Hello all, Does Comand (APS in this case) have the ability to store/use Points of Interest? :dk: Cheers, DME
  9. R

    Does Command have speed cameras as POI?

    Please excuse my ignorance but does Command have speed cameras database? Thanks Ian
  10. spinaltap

    Audio 50 - Speed Camera POI's?

    I am close to changing from a VW Polo to an A Class A180 Avantgarde. I'm currently hesitating on whether or not to include an Audio 50 on my factory order. While I currently use a Garmin unit, I like the notion of the GPS being built into the car (despite the much higher price compared to a...
  11. Wookiepelt

    Adding POI files to the COMAND SatNav System?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea or have a procedure for adding a set of POIs into the COMAND SatNav system? I'm assuming that there should be a way to upload safety/speed camera data into the system similar to the way we add safety/speed camera POI files from third-party...
  12. A

    POI for sat navs

    Hi all, found this site ( http://www.poigenie.co.uk/home )whereby you can make collections of your own points of interests and download them to your sat nav (for us poor people that don't have COMAND). You have the option to "share" so everyone can download, or "not to share", obviously this...
  13. PJH

    POI capture with TTG & PDA

    Easier POI capture. New menu option from pocketgps. TTG V.5.202 only http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/poicapture.php Please note:- This is NOT a TomTom download, it just makes POI capture easier for reporting cameras to pocketgps. Also any special POIs can be downloaded seperately from...
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