1. markjay

    Police escorting an ambulance

    Boring and repetitive... but in a totally fascinating way :) : https://youtu.be/6I6_Kw-BqKs Dutch police.
  2. M

    Mercedes E43 AMG Police Car - Video

    Mercedes E43 AMG Police Car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH9hO8MqBrk [YOUTUBE HD]gH9hO8MqBrk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. ioweddie

    Police chase with a difference

    Sent by a friend in Canada A chase on the 91 Freeway and CA-241 Toll Road in Orange County, California. This could have been right out of a Benny Hill episode, but it is an actual police chase...with a woman driver! Orange County Police Car Chase - Benny Hill Themed
  4. anfieldassasin

    Pulled over by police in my 300ce

    Got pulled over by the police in my 300ce, had my 5 year old strapped up in the back seat. We were on our way back from the pet shop so had a fish in the front seat (no not me!). Unmarked bmw, he was driving a little erratically gave it no thought then get flashed and pulled over. He...
  5. S

    Just had a knock on the door from Police... Word of warning..

    Apparently having a row with someone on the road is now an offence. I was reported for a disagreement I had with someone a few weeks back. They havnt done anything but if the reporting person wanted action taken you can go to court now. Just saying :thumb:
  6. John

    'ooky "police" in Essex.

  7. ringway

    Smartest Police Dog Ever?

    Certainly brighter than some people I've met. ip7sz6Z8obE
  8. ringway

    Police Camera Action, Rogue Traders, 24 Hours in A&E etc.

    Lots of video clips from these programmes on YouTube. Can you remember any notable ones? Here are a couple of clips that spring to mind. Perhaps best not to watch this clip if you are a simple-minded Brummie. Or then again... -RRjRvAwkpk&nohtml5=False...
  9. flango

    MB Club grammar police please take note.

    As this forum does not tolerate abuse or racism would the grammar police please take note. http://www.infowars.com/the-guardian-correcting-peoples-bad-grammar-is-racist/ Any further posts on grammar correction will not be tolerated ;-)
  10. st13phil

    Police separate fighting shareholders at Mercedes AGM

    Police called to break up fight over sausages at Mercedes shareholder meeting. You couldn't make it up :rolleyes:
  11. Dave Richardson

    Two nice cars & 1 Range Rover seized by Plymouth Police

    Two rather nice cars were seized by Plymouth police recently. Plymouth police seize London suspects' cars as part of money laundering and drugs investigation | Plymouth Herald Lets keep an eye on the local auctions
  12. poormansporsche

    Fair play to the Police today ....

    As some of you may recall ive bashed the Police on a couple of threads due to one reason or the other. But today the first time in my life I had reason to call them. 3 Cars and a F.L.O where there within 5 minutes of my call. It was obviously a priority for them (A lost toddler walked into my...
  13. HB

    I'll have to report this to the police - Hilton Hotel

    This happened during summer and I can't believe I forgot to mention it. So, it's the wifes cousins wedding and we're on our way to the Hilton. Me, wife, 3 kids and my mum = the S211 which is its job. Now driving up to the front door, I stop. Mum gets out, wife and daughter get out from...
  14. fab1975

    Mercedes driver calls POLICE to get lift home...

    Mercedes driver calls POLICE to get lift home after car is clamped because she doesn't want to pay for taxi - Manchester Evening News :fail
  15. Mrhanky

    E55K in a sorry state - call the taste police

  16. 219

    Police Scotland to issue formal warnings

    to drivers caught 'just over speed limits' . Various sources Police can offer formal warnings to drivers just over the alcohol limit | UK | News | Daily Express Police to issue formal warnings to drivers who are just over the speed limit - Daily Record Police Scotland crackdown on speeding...
  17. AMGGTS

    my lastest video of my 2nd ride in a r33 = police an car meet

  18. PenelopePitstop

    Stopped by police looking for stolen C63.

    5am, just left the house in SW London, on my way to airport, driving within the speed limit. I can see BMW behind me and wondering where it came from. Suddenly blue flash lights are on. Now, I'm not sure if they want to stop me or just pass. I stopped by the kerb, police is stopping beside me...
  19. E

    Ex police sprinter to day conversion - gvw advice needed

    Hi all Can you help? I am considering an ex police sprinter, 2002 MWB, 313 twin wheel with a 4.6 max GVW. I want to convert it to a day Van / almost a camper for the kids and my mountain biking. I need some clarity on a few of these questions before I invest: 1. Currently the ban...
  20. D

    any cheap device to measure average speed of car just like police speed gun

    is their device that measure the average speed of cars on the road. basically a DIY device to measure average speed of cars. which cheap to buy local resident committee or some how getting police to measure such speeds if it can be done any help/ideas appreciated as we have many people...
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