1. ioweddie

    Caring Policemen

    ..........A story to touch all hearts! Caring Policemen The North Yorkshire Police report finding a man's body in the River Swale, near Richmond. The dead man's name will not be released until his family has been notified. The victim apparently drowned...
  2. M

    W210 sleeping policemen nightmare!

    Hello there. I love my E300TD W210 estate but it is unbelievably low! Is this normal? When I go over a road hump/sleeping policeman the front end digs into the road on the other side. As a result I find my self doing no more than 15mph which frustrates people following me. The car handles...
  3. PeterG

    Plastic policemen

    I am totally gobsmacked at the introduction of these civillian traffic officers as I used to be a former police officer I know what training and selection is involved to become a Traffic officer. Pete...
  4. K

    right of way sleeping policemen

    where i live there are 2 sleeping policemen most days i meet someone face to face on top of one of these. they very often shake their fists etc. without probably realising it is my right of way. as they have gone over a halt sign. the worst culprits are 4x4 driver who think they have some divine...
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