1. developer

    Mutli Car Policies - Beneficial?

    Generalising here, but I'd heard that multi car policies are a bit of a scam. The wife's car is due now - currently with Aviva. Mine in December - currently with Aviva. Aviva are offering a cheaper pro rata rate to get the wife's premium up to December and then offering a third off her car...
  2. 10EDD

    Mercedes Benz Insurance Policies

    Apologies if there is a thread already regarding this, but has anyone used Mercedes Benz insurance for anythig past the new car 7 day trial on the basis that it warrants the apparant premium in what it brings in extras to Mercedes owners? I have used this handy (and free) 7 day insurance...
  3. ringway

    PRIMO PLC Multi-vehicle Insurance Policies. Adding a young driver to the policy.

    Like most people that own several vehicles I used to insure each one individually. I had my S210, Omega Elite and Sprinter and was reasonably content with the premiums and cover. The cost for insuring these vehicles fully comprehensive was: S210 320CDI £550.00 Omega Elite Estate 3.0ltr 24V...
  4. R

    Multi car insurance policies

    Can you get a policy to cover you if you own more than one car? Are they dear and do they cover fully comp protected? Thanks Ian
  5. S

    The Best Motor Insurance Policies

    Saw the article in http://www.fool.co.uk/news/comment/2005/c050408d.htm Full text below. ( Sorry - Formatting is a bit messed up after submission of post) The Best Motor Insurance Policies By Cliff D'Arcy (TMFCliff) April 8, 2005 Independent financial research company Defaqto has...
  6. Paul

    Multi car insurance policies.

    On behalf of my brother: Can any one recomend a insurance Co' that deals with multiple cars. He has at the moment: S320cdi / E220 cab' / New CLK cab' due June and is getting a Discovery as a run around. He says most companys will honour his NCD on two cars but he will have to insure the...
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