1. Mr-Goose

    Dash cam policing

    It looks like police in Wales are rolling out a scheme that will allow the public's dash cam footage to be used to catch bad drivers. Personally I think this is a great idea as I'm fed up seeing so many idiots on our roads. I don't have a dash cam in my current car but in my old one I did on a...
  2. developer

    Mature And Preemptive Policing.

    This morning I left the motorway and whilst negotiating the (empty) traffic island I came up behind a dark BMW X5 As we exited the island onto the dual carriageway he remained in the outside lane. I followed him round the sweeping bend and by the time the road began to straighten we were both...
  3. developer

    Brum's Busking Bobby - Community Policing At It's Best

    A bit long, but you get the idea :D 9BdPnMT0ydQ
  4. E CLASS

    Football Policing

    I'm sure I'm not the only one thats twigged this but don't you just love the delicious irony over football policing. Football games cannot go ahead without the police there to nanny the supporters and keep them at bay from each other. These are the very same people who've been condoning the...
  5. 219

    Visit to Strathclyde Road Policing Unit .

    I just had a telephone call re my letter asking for a visit to the Road Policing Unit - they are very receptive to the request and just need us to indicate a suitable date , the one proviso being that it has to be a midweek evening . Here is a copy of the email sent me by the PC , who is my...
  6. Colin_b

    Ladybird guide to policing.

    Don't know how old this is, but it amused me. http://www.flickr.com/photos/15770837@N06/sets/72157604664757729/show/
  7. A

    Legitimate policing or big brother attitude?

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/5390300.stm I wonder what the reaction woiuld have been had the police blocked off all the exits to Maidstone's main shopping centre and treated the people inside the same as the car drivers. You can almost guarantee they would have caught a lot...
  8. Flyer

    Modern-day policing...

    ...or Political Correctness gone mad. I've posted on here before about my hatred of PC. Two articles in this weekend's Sunday Times reinforces the fact that we have, to coin a phrase my dear, departed dad used to use, got things **** about tit. The first is the awful case of the murdered...
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