1. C

    Classic Car Policy recimmendations

    Folks, Appears I may have found a suitable c124. Who is recommended for classic car policies in Mercedes land? Key constraint is that the car won't be garaged but parked on a drive. Thanks
  2. Piff

    Multi car policy

    Just bought replacement car to ready for when the SLK goes back. SLK goes back in April, but the new car was the right model/right deal/etc. so it can sit in the garage for a couple of months. It will probably get a run out every 2 or 3 weeks just to give it some excercise. When it is in use...
  3. Grovsie31

    Had to cancel policy

    Just rang up to declare my modification to exhaust system, secondary cats are removed and silencer and hastings direct said they wouldn't insure the car. Has anyone else had this problem? Any company's ok with this? its a pretty common mod for these AMG's and lots of others, what are...
  4. The _Don

    Apple Music changes policy after Taylor Swift stand

  5. RobertoMercini

    Anyone ever lost insurance policy details?

    I took out gap insurance on my previous vehicle but despite being meticulous with paperwork normally, I can't find anything in relation to it. Is there a way I can find out who the policy was with?
  6. MWCLS

    Trader policy recomendations

    I'm as a side line, want to buy and sell used cars... well the lower end of the market say upto 7.5k. My current insurers do not offer trader policies. I would effectively be a sole trader, based in the IG postcode area from home, can anyone recommend a reputable company. I've had a few...
  7. D

    www.motors.co.uk come to the rescue against www.gumtree.com private ads policy change

    Gumtree | Free classified ads from the #1 classifieds site in the UK as usual shooting themselves in the foot since being purchased by ebay, trying to suck the blood of private advertising if u adertise more than 2 cars per annum u will be charged £15 for subsequent ads. Used Cars For Sale at...
  8. HotJambalaya

    Renewing a multi car policy, tip!

    So my renewal from Admiral multi car came in, fairly high. Went to gocompare and got a quote for each car individually, and the combined price was considerably cheaper then the multi car quote. Called Admiral back, gave them the quote reference number for each car, and they matched the...
  9. HotJambalaya

    slightly sneaky multi car policy folks...

    I just bought a second car, the C63, which I was shopping around for quotes for, and called my current insurer Elephant, who insure my old A3. I didn't realise they were Admiral, so they offered me a multi car policy. My current policy runs out in January, they said "take out a new policy for...
  10. W

    Multicar insurance policy with shared NCD

    Does anyone know of a multicar insurance policy where NCD can be shared amongst the cars? I’ve tried Admiral and Direct Line, but both require separate NCD for each car. Obviously the discount they offer for just the multicar aspect (10-20%) is significantly less than the 7 years NCD I...
  11. vijilants

    No refund after 6 months for policy cancellation on Classic car policy - beware !

    Gents, Had a classic car policy on one of my vehicles with Peter Best Insurance Services, which I sold, and was awaiting a refund for the remainder of the term. Chased it up this morning to be told that in the smallprint it states that there is no refund after 6 months :mad: Typical of...
  12. D

    any ideaswhich insurance companies do multi car classic policy WITH AGREED VALUE

    i am sorry in advance. i have noticed this was discussed before, i have just got my renewal and it is hiked by 50% my portofolio 1972 350 slc (one of 10 in the country, one of 3 which are tax exempt) 10k 1976 450 sl 10k 1997 sl 500 10k 1993 e220 convertible 5k premium quoted is £800 i am...
  13. MercFanUk

    AA Launching a new sat-nav based policy

    BBC News - AA to launch sat-nav tech tracking insurance policy
  14. Doodle

    Agreed value for the SL

    It's insurance renewal time, and in light of all the work and effort that has gone into the SL recently (and especially with all the period AMG bits it's now wearing) I thought it would be a good idea to go for an agreed value on the policy. The problem is...I have no idea what that agreed...
  15. T

    Honesty is the best policy

    I ordered a Sealey TP69 oil extractor from a supplier who shall remain nameless to protect their reputation. Delivery date was quoted as between 7-11 October - as it's the 12th, I dropped them an email to check where it was. Just received a phone call "Really sorry mate, totally our fault, we...
  16. IMD

    Can I get a Classic Policy if my car is parked on the street & is a convertible?

    Just a quick question before phoning around...I'm looking at buying a SL500 and want to know whether I'm going to waste my time phoning around for Classic Insurance, if all they will say is 'put it in the garage' I do have a garage, but it's full of my work kit and I can't leave that on the...
  17. D

    Traders insurance policy; any personal recommendations?

    My traders policy is up soon so I'd thought I'd ask to see if anyone else on the forum had an insurance/broker that they would recommend. My current insurers have messed me about on a couple of occasions now, so it's time to get rid. Thanks in advance. :thumb:
  18. LTD

    Sorry Sir, it's policy .....

    Happened by a dealership today and made an enquiry to purchase a spare part. Sort of thing we all have, use daily and just about every car in the country features. "No problem Sir, we'll just book your car in and get it attended to for you" "No you won't" says I. I just want to pay the...
  19. ringway

    PRIMO PLC Multi-vehicle Insurance Policies. Adding a young driver to the policy.

    Like most people that own several vehicles I used to insure each one individually. I had my S210, Omega Elite and Sprinter and was reasonably content with the premiums and cover. The cost for insuring these vehicles fully comprehensive was: S210 320CDI £550.00 Omega Elite Estate 3.0ltr 24V...
  20. Tan

    "Any Driver" insurance policy

    Hi I am looking for companies that offer any driver insurance, for my father-in-laws car. Currently he has any any driver policy with saga and that is up for renewal at the end of May, so looking for alternatives to compare the renewal quote with. The reason that we need any driver is...
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