1. S

    Exhaust Tip Polish

    Hi Guys. Just wanted your experienced advice on polishing the amg exhaust tip. I don't have the time to polish myself (I'm very weak) so was wondering if anyone knows of a body shop that will use a device that will polish them quickly and effectively? Is this a thing or am I being too vulgar...
  2. wu56Shoozz

    Best Polish

    so just what is the best polish that you guys use? I use Autoglym SRP but I wondered if there was better..remember its polish and not wax..
  3. Dizz

    Best polish for a black paint?

    2004 Obsidian black metallic paint, obviously it's not perfect and I would like to make it look it's best. I have never clay-barred anything in my life but I'm open to the idea. I have used AG SRP before and I know it's liked for its filling probities, but it is dusty to use and there must be...
  4. P

    Autoglym Super Resin Polish

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I went and bought a big bottle on offer at Halfords, just used it on my car, so far so good, easy to apply and buff off, very shiny now and it really does mask most of the scratches and restored a damaged patch the size of a tennis ball caused by some...
  5. A

    Wheel Polish

    My wheels are looking a bit used after 4 years of brake dust and cheap wheel brushes. So got some Merlins-Blood-Fallout-Remover for the brake dust and T-Cut try remove the scratches. Before shots. And this is what they look like now. Only trouble I'm going to have to redo the...
  6. adrianlobont

    Autoglym super resin polish

    Hi all, Just polished my car with Autoglym super resin polish and the results are very good, happy with. The problem I have now is that I have polish left in between joints and door handles... Do you guys can advise me on how to get read of it ? Thank you !
  7. jon.english68

    Bit of Autoglym super resin polish

    Gotta say the results speak for them self I do love this car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Myclk55amg

    Car polish

    Hi guys what's your thoughts on this? What's the best bodywork polish on the market? I've always used autoglym but maybe it's time for a change any recommendations would be welcome!
  9. A

    Gave the wife's car a wash and Polish

    First time I've cleaned the wife's car, she's had it 6 weeks now :eek: Before And after Gave all the plastic trim a going over with a cheap bottle of car plan back to black And finally cleaned the multiple spoked wheels took me any hour do all four :devil...
  10. merc85

    Machine polish on the e55k

    Decided against waxing it as noticed a few light scratches, nowt major but thought id get them out before waxing tomorrow. Gave it a light machine polish with Megs Deep crystal stage 2. I really love this Melanite black when the sun hits it, Looks purple then turns green. Awesome
  11. R

    Best Polish for a 1980 R107 sl ?

    I have just bought a 350sl and want to give it a good polish up and to keep the condensation at bay through the winter months. Can any one recommend any really good brands / products with waterproofing capabilities. Will it do the chrome work as well? I'm a first time buyer of classic car so a...
  12. jon.english68

    quick polish and she looks much better

    well having picked up my new to me C220 Coupe last Saturday I was a little disappointed in the way the car was presented, in fact the dealer hadnt even cleaned it :wallbash: so yesturday I spent a couple of hours polishing it and it is looking much better now :thumb: Oh and I also fitted my...
  13. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  14. Dogbreath

    Exhaust tips.. Metal polish ?

    Hi The tips on my exhaust look horrible, last owner must have never touched them so I was wondering what is best to get the black baked on stuff that's on the edges off. I've bought some Autosol but thought I would ask to see if there's anything better so I'm not doing it twice... Anything that...
  15. T


    I wax my car with Colinite 915, but on occasions i use waterless wash and wax to clean the car, is it ok to use after waxing it with the Colinite?
  16. L

    Polish angel or Quartz any good?

    Picking up my new car in a couple of weeks and was going to get it detailed and a glass coat put on any recommendations to what I should get done?Looked at polish angel and quartz so far.Looking to spend around £500 for the work and a 3 year protection.Car is an A45 AMG in mountain grey.Cheers.
  17. Sazzyb

    Wash & Polish

    After spending my Saturday cleaning the beast it starts pouring :(
  18. N

    What polish after clay cloth. First time detailing

    Hi could someone recommend a polish to use after using a clay cloth. Its my first attempt as a newbie. I have this cloth from Halfords Farecla G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt But I'v read thats not the end of the process. You have to apply a polish and can't jump straight to waxing. Also how do I...
  19. lordlee

    Should just polish out, right?

  20. D

    Allowing car dealer to machine polish... or not?

    I'm buying a used Mercedes which is 4 years old. Overall in very good condition but has the usual swirl marks and some light scratches associated with general wear and tear and poor washing technique that I would guess 99% of the population put their cars through. The dealer is going to...
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