1. I

    Polished the W126

    Its been a year, shame on me. the old girl always comes up good though. I use whatever is to hand depending on how much cash I do or don't have! Lol. This time it was professional Autogym cos it was free. (I polish wedding cars for a second job.) And then I put Klasse sealant over the top...
  2. uumode

    Inside of my alloys polished

    I can polish the insides of my wheels without taking them off :) Got carried away and cleaned the wheel weights as well.
  3. c_200k

    19" W212 facelift genuine 10 spoke Black/grey with polished lip

    Looking for these guys
  4. Alex

    M113K 55 Ported and Polished Cylinder Heads

    Ported and polished cylinder heads for the supercharged 55 M113K engine. Covered 5K miles. Have been cleaned and pressure tested. Located in Milton Keynes. Price is £800 + your original heads.
  5. A

    I had the Vito cleaned and polished!

    A few weeks ago i had the Vito cleaned and polished! When i bought the van in November it had been badly polished by the dealer and there was swirl marks all over it. i didn't have time to do it myself so i got a local detailing guy (Supreme Detail) to do it for me and he did an ace job :)...
  6. J

    SL Detailing/machine polished

    Just a quick not to say a big thanks to Tom of Mobile Detailing, Chatham, Rochester, Hempstead, Rainham, Gillingham, Medway, Kent I got his details from this site just before Xmas and he detailed my Mini convertible He's just finished my SL and it looks fantastic. I have no...
  7. Mobb

    Genuine BBS LM's Mirror Polished - Staggered look - New Tyres!

    MODEL: BBS LM (Genuine) BOLT PATTERN: 5x112 Audi / VW / Mercedes Fitment SPEC: 19 x 8.5 ET: 38 F and ET25 R (Reverse Mounted) FINISH: Mirror polished lips, Moonstone Blue faces and hand polished original BBS bolts. -19x8.5J all around.. (Staggered Look, as the rear dishes are...
  8. J

    C320 , Clayed polished and waxed by hand

    PIcked my car up last thursday gave it a good clean over the weekend Started by claying the whole car using claybar + auto glym rapid detailer Followed by a coat of Meguires step 2 polish Then followed by Dodo juice wax Heres some pictures , paintwork is so smooth now !
  9. F

    Should all W210 E55 wheels have polished lips?

    I've had two E55's, both in silver. The first one all 5 wheels were painted completely silver right to the tyres. The second one all 4 wheels on the car were painted silver but now I look at the spare wheel, it's got a diamond cut finish, and I'm wondering if they should all be like that. Did...
  10. A

    Silver C63, black wheels polished lip?

    I've currently got the diamond cut 19s but they're in poor condition, I'm Being advised against having them diamond cut by the majority of company's I ring...and therefore I'm tempted to have them done in sayin black with a polished lip like the edition125...can anyone share any opinions or...
  11. W

    polished face alloys: spot corrosion treatment?

    Will be needing new tyres soon, and wondering about refurbing the alloys at the same time. There are some spots of corrosion on the face of my polished alloys. The lacquer is damaged in some places and there is the usual powdery corrosion underneath. Hoping to keep the cost down, so was...
  12. Booyakajon

    Washed and polished C63

    Spent the day washing & polishing my new baby - all's working well now following the initial breakdown! 651 miles in & it's fantastic!
  13. sssammm

    All polished up..SLS

    nice wax overcoat
  14. T

    Polished rim

    When I got my Clk the rims polished lip was in poor condition,kurbed and the laquerwas peeling off so I decided to get the polishing wheel out and see if I could do something with them in the meantime I think they have came up alright
  15. F

    Polished Alloy refurb

    Dear All I have a 1995 320CE with polished alloys. Can anyone help with someone who can refurbish these as the lacquer is coming away in places Thanks
  16. F

    Polished Alloy refurb

    Dear All I have a 1995 320CE and the wheels polished rather than the standard alloy. The lacquer is coming away in places can anyone recommend someone who can refurbish them for me? Thanks
  17. T

    w124 - 15" Polished 8 Hole Alloy

    just had a look in the boot of my coupe that im breaking and there was a brand new never used alloy in mint condition, im the 2nd owner of the car (bought oct 2005) and the bloke before me had put 17" AMG's on it so he has never used the wheel either anyone fancy making me an offer? id like a...
  18. BoyracerAU

    WANTED | Polished Eight Hole Wheels

    Hi All, I'm on the hunt for four NEW 15" eight hole wheels for my 1996 W124 E220 coupe. I see Nick has them listed on his website but they've been out of stock for a long time, so presumably not coming back. These are the particular style I'm looking for...
  19. M

    mercedes alloys wheels, 18" black with studs with diamond polished lips

    mercedes alloys wheels, 18" black with studs with diamond polished lips With like new tyres... (Are fitted to c220 sport 1998 s reg) £300 .ono *upto £100 cheaper if you can leave your old wheels with me...* (these would cost you 700 on ebay with tyres...) Please PM me.. based in London...
  20. E

    keep polished wheels... polished

    Im in the process of sanding and polishing my alloys, ill try and get a photo soon but is there anything to stop the un-painted metal corroding/pitting? or basically getting black lumps all over which happened last time, thanks
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