1. Asal

    Fixing a bad polishing job

    Main MB dealer did Star Guard paint protection on the car as part of the purchase deal. When I finally uplifted my car, and 2 days later in sunshine, I see all the polisher swirl marks all over the car, not happy, but the dealer did not inspire confidence. I am reluctant to let the same people...
  2. M

    My Headlight Restoration Without Polishing

    This has always been on the things to do list when I first bought my car, so with this lovely weather I have decided to get it over and done with. I found the polishing technique is only a short term solution and I wanted a more permanent solution, without paying a visit to the MB parts...
  3. Myclk55amg

    Chrome polishing

    Hi guys need you lots opinion on something?, what's the best things bringing the chrome back shinny and protecting it from getting really dirty again? I.e exhaust pipes
  4. Toobad

    Polishing Black Cars - a slightly "left field" approach

    Having been plied with a gourmet meal and copious amounts of alcohol, it appears I "volunteered" to detail my next door neighbour's new-to-him 8-month old Kia Sportage or should that be "Sportard" :D The Phantom Black metallic paint was in surprisingly good condition with evidence of only...
  5. M

    AMG alloy - lip polishing

    Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere that can refurb my AMG alloys but I want the lips polished not diamond cut. Regards Amer
  6. A

    Polishing mitts V cloths

    What is best to use to buff my car to a shine, a sheep's wool mitt or microfiber cloths, will the mitts hold more micro dirt coursing more swirling than a cloth, and is it best to have two cloths or mitts and use both hands to buff and shine. Ho and one more thing should the cloths be well...
  7. dynamicq

    Car polishing

    Hey there, I am relatively a new car owner. Young, unexperienced. I am struggling to understand how car polishing services work. Spent some time on the internet and made it even more difficult for myself, so I will try to explain what I want. What I understand, and maybe someone can help me...
  8. D

    Mercedes clk Headlight polishing kits

    As per title, can anyone recommend a kit to polish my xeon headlights which has gone slightly cloudy? Scott
  9. M

    windy polishing day today

    think its scrubbed up allright
  10. R

    Just been polishing...

    I've not mentioned polishing for months but just to reassure you all that my car is still receiving it's weekly Autoglym!.....Polished - YouTube
  11. A

    Polishing lip on alloy wheels.

    Does anyone know the best method for polishing the lip on my alloy wheels. I have a 1997 SL320 R129. The main part of the wheels are what I would call standard finish, the edges however are polished. These are looking a little tired but not that bad. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. T

    Wax Polishing products

    Hi I know this question has been posted many times, but can anyone recommend a good polish for a metallic obsidian black CLK? for protection and shine for the winter as my car is left outside.
  13. D

    cleaning plastic soft top screens and polishing kits

    Convertible Plastic Rear Window Care Kit for Mercedes-Benz SL 107 113 129 | eBay
  14. L

    Rotary Polishing

    Received the triple pack of Menzerna polishes and the pads I ordered today Menzerna 250ml Polish Sample Kit - Elite Car Care and decided to hit the car with the rotary. Bloody brilliant stuff, only used the two of the polishes so far on the bonnet, roof and boot lid, but the results are...
  15. V12

    Polishing red rear lights?

    I have a couple of rear lights that look terrible. One of them is almost white, looks like it's clouded over. I guess this is caused by UV damage? Where should I start with getting them back to clear red?
  16. Sp!ke

    Meguires Wheel polishing kit

    Has anyone tried this yet? I'm wondering if it would be the best tool for my OZ AMG Splitties..
  17. Spinal

    Polishing Mild Steel

    Any suggestions on polishing uncoated mild steel (mirror finished)? There are a few spots of surface rust, so I was thinking of taking a slightly abrasive paste (like brillo) to remove that... but how do I prevent them from coming back? Oil isn't really an option as it leaves a sticky...
  18. Borys

    Sunday polishing date with my black beast :-)

    Spend around 3 hours on my baby. All by hand. Clayed, masked scratches with turtle chipstick. Two coats using turtle magic (great stuff) nasty swirl marks gone Very happy with the result
  19. blacklight124

    Polishing new paint (non-Merc)

    Hey, I wonder if someone can offer some expert advice here. Quick version: My dad has a dark blue Lexus and there was an accident with a pillar. Anyway, he's built out the damage, sanded it, primed it and now painted it with the colour & clear coat over the top (not sure how many coats)...
  20. martyp87

    My W209 Quick Spruce Up - Before Polishing

    Well, the weather was perfect last weekend to get stuck into detailing the beastie however, it was too perfect. By the time I washed, IronX'd, de-tar'd and clayed the car the panels were very toasty and that was in the shade! :rolleyes: So I packed in my hopes of getting the DA out and...
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