1. D

    DRL's Poll

    As we're all so used to seeing DRL's on most cars, vans and even HGV's what manufactuers have done be best and worst jobs? For me Audi have done the best job. Ford have done the worst. They look such an afterthought. :doh: Ant.
  2. D

    C350e charging system corrosion poll

    There have been so many reports of corroded cables in the charging system of the c350e, I wonder if we can get a feel for what proportion of us have had the problem...
  3. S

    Ash59fifty-UK poll

    I have been badgering Ash to let me take him to buy his C63... He is procrastinating immensely and I now need some support in achieving his dream. Vote accordingly.
  4. Palfrem

    BREXIT - Poll 23 June 2016

    June 23rd it is then. Just for a bit of completely unscientific amusement where do the Mercedes Party stand I wonder?
  5. N_Jepson

    C350E Reliability Poll

    All, For those who have take delivery of their C350E, I'm wondering what kind of percentage of cars are having problems. Hence this poll
  6. Aletank

    Flappy Paddle Gears - Who Uses Them ? (poll)

    I've spoke to a few Mercedes owners who when telling me about the features their car has, tell me in a rather excited voice/face - It's got Flappy Paddle Gears ! I then say have you ever used them or do you use them ? Their replay has always been - oh no :confused: To be honest it's not...
  7. S

    Quick poll - saloon or coupe

    Guys, A very quick poll just go to get some idea which do the majority own or prefer - as I am torn between the two? thanks,
  8. Deane x

    C350e colour poll

    I am still not a 100% what colour to get my C350e in and thought I would see what you guys and girls think
  9. m2287

    What is your mileage poll

    Just thought I'd do a poll to see what people's mileage is! 0-50k 50-100k 100-150k 150-200k 200k+ I've got a 140k s320 CDI and a 240k CL55 AMG
  10. developer

    Poll - Black Or Silver Wheels

    There are two optional wheel colours for my car. Black (which it's got). Silver. I've never been over keen on black wheels, however, they are in keeping with the theme of the car, with it's black paint, privacy glass etc., and they have a polished rim and silver star wheel inserts. I thought...
  11. wongl

    Poll: TFL to introduce ULEZ in 2020

    Just received an email from TFL about their plans to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2020 using the existing Congestion Charge boundary. The charge for vehicles failing to meet their ULEZ level will be £100/day for HGV and £12.50/day for Cars/Van/Bikes. This will be on top of the CC fee...
  12. L

    DAB RADIO ISSUES need your Help for POLL

    Guys im trying to find out how widespread this DAB radio issue is with MB I have the NEW A45 and the standard CD20, on long journeys down the motorway I find that DAB is rubbish drops in and out, switchs to FM backup mode, really dire. I sent the car to MB of leeds but due to them not seeing the...
  13. I

    Car Ownership Poll - How can it be set up?

    Hi, I think I might have asked this or similar previously, but failed to attract any response because of it being such a boring subject! I'll give it another try! Tonight I posted a quick question about a W116. I thought I'd get a couple of replies - yes, I know it's Saturday, etc -...
  14. W

    Poll: diesel A-class vs electric i3

    Lease deals for the electric BMW i3 are out. Broadly speaking the electric BMW i3 will cost the same to run as a diesel Merc A-class (total running costs). http://www.bmw.co.uk/en/new-vehicles/bmw-i/i3/2013/financing-insurance.html So in a nut shell which would you rather have? BMW offer a...
  15. finisterre

    football and politics - poll - please do not respond

    I am not interested in football yet I found this to be a fascinating poll. http://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/oe20e4v63p/YG-Archive-Pol-Sun-results-090513-Alex-Ferguson.pdf a few highlights and there is a wealth of information in there Liverpool is the most...
  16. jaymanek

    Keep Alpine Screen in SL60 or not? Poll

    So the 90's Alpine sat nav is extremely slow and I use the becker Indianapolis for that anyway. So I have a choice of whether to keep the screen and use it as a reverse camera or put it back to original, how an SL60 should be? I have a fully refurbished centre section with standard cubby...
  17. carat 3.6

    S124 tailgate spoiler, yes or no? (poll)

    Hi all, I've had another one of my daft ideas again.:rolleyes: This time I'm thinking about fitting the rear spoiler from a 1993 vw polo, to the tailgate of the s124 wagon. It dose sort of fit, but I'm not sure that it dosent just looks silly. I've posted a picture below of it held on with...
  18. T

    W204 2011 on: Audio 20 and DAB or Becker poll

    Please can you help me gather some information. This is applicable to facelift C Class cars with Audio 20 only, and specifically Audio 20 integration with the Becker Nav unit and the DAB radio option. Please respond 'other' if you have both problems (I should have added a poll option for the...
  19. W

    Tyre tread depth poll - How low do you go?

    Tyre threads are the flavour of the month it seems :) Today whilst having some tyres fitted I saw a stack of old customer tyres. I was quite surprised how low some of the treads were, maybe 10-20% were below the legal limit. So when do you change your tyres? Please vote in the poll above...
  20. W

    Poll - Do you use winter tyres?

    No agenda here, I'm just interested to know what percentage of people use or have used winter tyres. Please vote above :) I was discussing this with a colleague and he said I'm the first UK person he's met that uses winter tyres. Outside of this forum I know only of one other person who uses...
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