1. CowleyStJames

    Mercedes w204 pollen filter location

    Hi guys, I have a 2010 C200 Blue Efficiency Cdi Executive Estate and cannot find the pollen filter. I removed the cover above the battery and could see the fan motor but expected to find a pollen filter somewhere there. Nothing. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  2. BIG_G_1979

    w212 pollen filter

    Hi guys I will being replacing my dad's pollen filter can anyone advise where it's located and how to replace many thanks W212 e250cdi
  3. O

    Any difference between these Pollen Filters

    While checking out pollen filters (original equipment = MA203 830 10 18) I came across these 3 on Euro Car Parts which are all Activated Carbon and the same dimension: Crosland - Part No: 507220498 @ £12.91 Bosch - Part No: 507220497 @ £19.73 Mann - Part No: 507220499 @ £17.10 So is there any...
  4. T

    vito pollen filter sliding cover replacement?

    hi all! iv gone and got meself a 112cdi vito and i have a horrible cold draft coming from down below even with the heater on full whack! removed the center lower dash piece and looked behind the connecting rods for clutch and brake pedals and have come across a gaping hole! the van does...
  5. BIG_G_1979

    pollen filter

    Hi guys were is the pollen filter located in my 06 e280cdi sport thanks
  6. S

    Problems with W203 interior pollen filter replacement.

    Hello, I have a UK spec C320 CDI (2006) and I'm in the process of replacing the interior pollen filter. I have followed online videos to remove the cover under the passenger footwell and have found a large box that I cannot open. I can see obvious screws to remove the adjacent parts (I...
  7. tacho d

    Pollen filter

    Hi all, I have recently changed the air filter on my clk 230, fairly straight forward. There is also apparently a pollen/dust filter that frequently gets overlooked and can put extra strain on the fan motor when blocked. Where does that live, is it easy to get to and change?. :confused:
  8. W124ali

    124 pollen filter?

    Hi all. Would a 1995 W124 E200 have a pollen filter?
  9. ShaunB

    Pollen filter changed

    Gus I put a new pollen filter into my W209 CLK55 - old filter was pretty filthy. I've noticed that the car mists up quite a lot now though. Any thoughts on why that might be? Its fine while driving, but parked it up after maybe a 30 minute drive and all the windows looked to have misted. OK...
  10. 2

    ECP crosland pollen filter different to OEM

    Hello. I have a query regarding a Crosland pollen filter I purchased from ECP for a 2005 C180k. When I removed the current filter (original Mercedes) from the car and compared it with the croslands one I brought, there were a couple differences. Although the shape and size is the same. the side...
  11. T

    A-Class - Radiator & Pollen Filter Questions...

    Hi All, I have a couple of questions - 1 technical, and 1 not so technical. Firstly, having picked up some great information from Lofty's website, I managed to service the A140 today. Everything went great until I came to replacing the pollen filter - I couldn't find it! The car does have...
  12. P

    active carbon charcoal pollen filter w203 C Class

    anyone had experience retrofitting a carbon cabin filter to a car which didn't have this originally? I have just bought & installed the below aftermarket upgraded pollen filter with a thin layer of activated carbon. Not sure it it'll make a huge difference given how thin the charcoal layer is...
  13. sam-orr

    W202 pollen filter

    Just changed mine and I'm still getting a misting of the windscreen! Any ideas why? As soon as the fans come on, windscreen is misty.
  14. sam-orr

    W202 C200 pollen filter?!

    Hi forum! Any ideas how to replace the pollen filter on the above car? Is it accessed through the passenger footwell or under the bonnet?
  15. I

    CLK C209 Pollen Filter Change

    Hi all When I switch off my air con, it smells like an old tramp has swamped somewhere in my car. I've used a can of that sanitising spray as directed from Halfords, and it's helped but not cured it. From searching on the forum, most people say try changing the pollen filter and/or...
  16. L

    Locating W210 Pollen Filters

    I have a 2001 E220 cdi avantgarde I've taken the glove box out but there does'nt apear to be any filters behind it. I've seen the how to guide but mine looks different is there an alternative location for the filters?
  17. J

    B Service / Pollen Filter

    Phoned up a local indy today for a quote. £190 inc. for basic service, then asked me if I had climate control. I replied yes, and they then said that this would increase the price to £247 as an extra pollen filter was required for each side. An extra £57 for a filter seems a bit steep, or am...
  18. MERC CLK 230 K

    Were is pollen filter on w208 clk

    Thank you
  19. G

    W202 pollen filter

    Not much air coming through the ac, guessing the pollen filter needs changing. How much are these from mb? Seen some on eBay for £14. Cheers
  20. BoyracerAU

    Two jobs - Pollen Filter & Hazard Switch Replacement

    Hi All, I've previously seen threads that describe how to remove and replace the pollen filter for a 124 but I can't for the life of me find these threads now that I have purchased the parts. Same goes for the R&R of the switch console in the middle of the dash. My hazard switch is faulty...
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