1. C240Sport97

    Mercedes Marco Polo - V class based

    Any one seen one at a dealer anywhere? It's MB's posh campervan, designed to compete with VW California.
  2. M

    2017 Mercedes Marco Polo HORIZON Van Overview - Video

  3. M

    Mercedes Off-Roading Event with Unimogs, Actros, Zetros, Marco Polo, and G-Class

    Mercedes Off-Roading Event with Unimogs, Actros, Zetros, Marco Polo, and G-Class [YOUTUBE HD]e2Dsq_2OfzY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. BlackC55

    PCS Soft shell jackets and polo shirts for sale.

    Hi all, We have started selling PCS Soft shell jackets and polo shirts after a few requests for them! The soft shell jackets are £40 in black and come in sizes S/M/L/XL. Polo shirts are £20 in black and the same sizes as above. Please pm me if you would like one or email...
  5. The _Don

    Launch control drag race – C63 AMG S vs M4 vs 911 GTS vs Polo

  6. J

    Vito Marco Polo 112CDI W638

    Hello, i'm Gianluca from Italy, i've bought a Vito Marco Polo 112CDI W638. i've a problem: there is a pressure in the expansion tank and the coolant exit. i've have just replace the head gasket and verify the head with no problems, but the problem persist. now when i start the hot...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes Marco Polo

    The new Marco Polo from Mercedes-Benz The new style in independence The Marco Polo sets new standards in perceived quality, stylish living and comfortable practicality Outstanding seating and sleeping comfort Exemplary safety and dynamic driving comfort at passenger car level...
  8. m2287

    Polo decides to join on a live race at brands hatch

    Did This Guy Really Drive On The Track During A Live Race? :fail
  9. Noodle-Pulp

    Jump Start a VW Polo from my W203

    Hi This may have been covered but I don't have a lot of time to go back to find it, please can anyone tell me if and how I'd need to jump start a VW Polo from my (2007) W203? Many thanks NP.
  10. wobbly

    Embroidered Polo Shirts

    I need a company to supply and produce a small quantity of 12 embroidered polo shirts. I have the design in digital form with five colours. I need a company who can produce a high quality finish, at a reasonable price and to be delivered in two weeks. I have just been let down by a...
  11. A

    Polo 1.4Tdi 2005 onwards

    I guess the question is, what should I look out for? Shortly my mileage is going to increase dramatically up until the end of the year (30-40k p/a) and I know I could get myself a big diesel merc or something but I actually want to get a polo because other people need to drive it and I think...
  12. S

    Polo tdi whistle noise

    Sorry this is a question about our 2006 polo tdi - there is a slight whistle when load is applied to the steering and gets louder on full lock. Any ideas what would cause this please - is it an early warning of impending failure? Car has done 100k miles.
  13. P

    Kamei X1 Mk2 Polo Coupe

    Not a merc, but thought this might amuse you lot. My 80s effort. Mk2 Polo coupe clocks showing 109k, with a 1.4 16v AFH engine on 80k miles on R1 bike carbs using the a bike fuel pump. This has been setup and balanced as best we can, and runs great, quick for what it is. Has a stainless 4...
  14. S

    VW Polo 1.4 tdi strange problem

    My wife was sitting in her car today with the engine idling and suddenly there was a slight but noticeable noise (grinding noise was how she described it) and a puff of white steam or smoke from the bonnet. She did the right thing and turned the engine off. Re-started it and no apparent damage -...
  15. D

    Polo 1.9Tdi Sport cambelt change

    Hi, i'm new here and need some advice, please! I have a 2003 Polo 1.9Tdi Sport with 52,000miles. Is it due a cambelt change? If so does anyone know a good independant in my area (Bridgend,S.Wales) & approx how much I'd be looking at? Am I correct in assuming I'd need the tensioner,idler & water...
  16. Koolvin

    * MBClub Polo shirts - LAST ONE Left *

    We have 2 Limited edition Polo shirts in stock and ready for dispatch! http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/shop.php Stock List: 1 x Grey Large We may never produce these again so grab them now!
  17. W

    VW polo cambelt change price "O my god"

    I brought a 2000 polo sdi diesel last autum, drove it to spain and back over Xmas, and plan to go again in march, drives like a dream. It needs its cambelt, and water pump replacing, went into local VW dealer with a 10% discount they said £370. thats for belt and pump. I was thinking £270 max...
  18. S

    Time to warm the cabin - VW Polo diesel

    My wifes car - a 2006 Polo 1.4tdi seems to be taking a long time (even longer than it used to) to warm up the cabin these mornings - the engine temp has always taken a while and that has not changed - the car is running fine - the gauge sits dead on halfway at 90 degrees once it has warmed up...
  19. S

    VW polo 1.4tdi engine mgt light on

    The engine mgt light and flashing glow plug light are on all the time - just started today. I have checked the brake lights as (strangley) that can have these symptoms. I guess it is take it to the dealer to get the codes checked - any good ideas before I do that please?
  20. Koolvin

    MBClub Polo shirts

    5 Left available to order. These are in stock and ready or dispatch! http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/shop.php 1 x Black Medium 1 x Black XXL 1x Grey Medium 2 x Grey Large
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