1. fabes

    V bad bird poo - help needed

    Not my car (thankfully) but a Corsa has 7 or more long standing bird dumps on it across the roof They have all gone through the lacquer onto, but not through, the paint A real shame as the rest of the car is excellent A test with T Cut only wore away more of the cloudy / infected clear...
  2. B

    So what is worse than bird poo on a new mercedes?

    How about the bird that did it, and then it does a dance across my bonnet. Car is 3 weeks old.

    Poo Sticks

    I thought long and hard prior to writing this, this is after all a forum dedicated to MB, however, after being a member for over twelve months I have came to realise that it is more than a collection of petrol heads. There are real people on here with real problems, some minor, some more...
  4. T

    Bird poo has damaged my paint!

    A bird pooed on my car a couple of days ago. Got around to cleaning it off today but the paint appears to have gotten rough where the poo was. What can I do? (if anything) Thanks.
  5. A

    Cleaning Bird Poo

    I know there has been a thread on this already, i have looked for 25minutes but cant find it. Help appreciated!
  6. Gucci

    McLaren in possible poo AGAIN?!

  7. kjgood

    OH POO (Or words along those lines)

    Single blade wiper stopped yesterday. Its been kept fairly well greased for the last couple of years, so no great deal I thought. Ha! Wiper Gearing/Linkage £357.60 Then after fitting that Wiper Motor £198.68 Then fitting charge £? still to be...
  8. simonl

    childish friday fun: captain poo!

    http://www.chilloutzone.de/files/04111901.html :D
  9. zygote

    The CLS; Eye candy or Pile of poo

    What do you folks think of the Vision CLS previewed at the Frankfurt motor show? http://www.mbspy.com/c219cls.htm
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