1. Londonscottish

    What's the chances of a 211 key surviving a trip to the bottom of a swimming pool?

    Oh holiday at the moment and my little girl has just managed to drop the one remaining key for the 211 into the swimming pool....... Groan. It was in for 5-10 mins (not exactly sure exactly how long). I have now retrieved it and dismantled it in an effort to let it dry out. I don't need...
  2. Q

    Swimming pool in my passenger footwell after car wash! (W202)

    Just brought the car for a wash. One of those ones that sprays water and wax and a huge hair-dryer when it's all done. Anyway, sparkly car at the end of it but there must have been a few litres of water in the footwell on the passenger side when it was done. I could see it dripping down from...
  3. G

    banned from public swimming pool

    ok,so last week i went swimming to our local council run pool,its an adult lane swim,when i got out of pool i was pulled to one side and asked that if i was planning to come again could i wear a T shirt, why i ask you ask, i have a new large ish tattoo on my back which apparently some people...
  4. Darrell

    At the pool bar today.....

    are 4 stunning Swedish women in their early twenties. One of them asked me if it was ok to sunbathe topless by the pool.!!!!! Feel free, I answered. :D It's also 37 degrees in the shade. Just thought I would share that with you all.
  5. Mozzer

    Pool Table Barrel Lock Woes

    Any nefarious types on here have any advice on how to pick / drill / find skeleton keys for the barrel locks on my pool table ? One of my beautiful yet, bl00dy frustrating daughters seem to have seen the sparkly keys twinkling on their hook and now they are lost :( Need to get into the...
  6. Nicensleazy

    HELP!!! I Have A Swimming Pool In My CLK

    I probably made a mistake last week when a mate of mine asked how my 1998 W208 CLK was shaping up and I replied 'Oh bloody brilliant no problems at all!' Because today I've discovered a bit of a problem....... here goes. Like most of the country over the past few days we have had heavy rain...
  7. kit17

    6 x 3 Riley pool Table

    I have for sale my 6 x 3 ft pool table, please see link 6 x 3 Riley Pool Table and Accessories! | eBay
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Repairing or replacing swimming pool liners

    This forum never ceases to amaze me, so fingers crossed... We returned from holiday yesterday to find out that when our Greyhound fell into my in-laws swimming pool just before our holiday, she managed to slice through the vinyl lining. We store our caravan at the in-laws, and whilst we we...
  9. C240AUTO

    Oil pool at top of engine below cover

    Hi during changing my MAS sensor today I noticed under the black plastic engine over of my C240 V6 there is ponding oil ontop of the engine but below the aluminium part that goes to the plugs......?? Yes fixed 1 problem and found another. Is this a biggie as we have a 8hr drive to do with the...
  10. C

    W123 230e Swimming pool

    Help needed. I drove home from work last night in the torrential rain about 75 miles, as I approached home and went round a bend I heard sloshing water. On further inspection I found about an inch of water in all foot wells apart from drivers side. I managed to remove all the water and dry...
  11. jonnyboy

    building a pool room

    Hi all We are shortly to break ground on a complex extension. We have at the moment a 17'8 by 9'6 single storey games room included in our plans. Widening it will be no problem (trust me!). What do you reckon its minimum width needs to be if I want to put a "normal" sized pool table in...
  12. purplegoddess

    pool heater

    long shot but does anyone have a pool heater for a 10ft round pool,must be in good working order as its for use with kids :rock:
  13. KillerHERTZ

    1cm Deep footwell pool!!!

    Drove best part of 500miles on Monday, so I gave the car a clean. After using the Hose on it, I noticed the passenger footwell had become damp again :( (I had a problem a few months ago). Now after footie tonight, I got back in the car (Its been p!ssing it down all day) turned a corner & I...
  14. R

    Swimming pool fences

    Hi, Need to fence off the bottom of the garden to keep little people away from the pond. Saw a great temp fence arrangement in florida a few years ago and looks a bit like this http://www.ukpoolstore.co.uk/acatalog/swimming-pool-safety-products.html Anyone here have anything similar, and...
  15. D

    Question - Identical breaks? - Pool

    Right, here is a question I thought about for no apparent reason ages ago and still don't know the answer..... ....Your playing a game of Pool and break off into a new pack of balls. Then if you re-racked the balls and left them on the exact same spot as before and broke off from the exact same...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Swimming pool in boot

    Today I lifted up the carpet in the boot only to smell must. Upon checking around and finding smell areas of rust, I looked left of the wheel and found a 2" Deep pool of water!!! Where would this much water appear from? I did notice 2 screw holes were open, exposed to the road, but...
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