1. damiandavis

    Recommended Detailers in or around the Poole Area

    Hi, looking for recommendations on good quality detailers in the Poole, Dorset area.:thumb: Thanks Damian
  2. K

    Newbie c63 from Poole

    Hi all!I've been the proud owner of my c63 for a few months and have been prowling the forum for a while now so I thought I would introduce myself! Loving all the banter keep it up guys!:thumb:[/URL][/IMG]
  3. ringway

    Bournemouth Poole Area BH12 3LR. Can someone inspect a car for me please?

    A cry for help. My son has saved for quite some time to buy his dream car - A VW GOLF R32. We have viewed all sorts of "Pristine" rubbish but it would seem that he has now found what is almost the perfect car. He's willing to travel the 200+ miles from Cheshire to Poole, but the reviews on...
  4. steve333

    Norman motors Poole

    As per title,has anyone used Norman motors,if so any feedback please.
  5. ivorcally

    Recommended indie in Poole, Dorset

    Hi, just a quick note to recommend the independent MB workshop StarTech in Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset. We took our C180 in with an aircon problem and the guys fixed it by resetting the code for free - and treated us really well! We are very impressed!
  6. T

    New member Poole

    Good morning all New to MB, recently bought a C250 CDi. My wife has a 2004 C220 which has now covered nearly 110000 miles, and is still pretty close to perfect, this prompted me to buy Mercedes and i'm glad I have. The car is immaculate, it drives well, and the fuel efficiency compared...
  7. M

    new from poole,dorset

    just now joined my name is mowuk I live in the not so sunny south poole dorset. I own two Mercedes a 2001 280 s class in silver one previous owner a mint 44k car, the other a 1991 2lt 190e in white a77k car in top condition
  8. BTB 500

    Parts for 'Classic' M-Bs from M-B Poole

    Just for info. / interest. Reading through the little magazine I was given yesterday when my SL was serviced I noticed that the Sandown Group (M-B Guildford, Basingstoke, Hindhead, Dorchester, Poole and Salisbury) claim to have "the UK's only factory appointed classic car parts centre", with...
  9. steve333

    Mercedes benz poole

    Moving to Dorset in a few weeks and mb poole will be my nearest dealership,as I have a service plan on my e-class would appreciate any feedback before I transfer the plan from mb brooklands who have been good on the first 2 services(2 more left on the plan).
  10. MBE320

    Wheel refurbishing...... Bournemouth Poole

    Anyone recommendations? Used one many years ago in Poole near Macro's cash and carry, did a decent job but found them a bit pricey.
  11. AMGeed

    Startech.. Poole.. Dorset

    Just had a CPSensor fitted at Startech on my E280 prior to selling and it's a thumbs up for them as an alternative indi' in my area. Car dropped off at 12 30pm and a phone call at 15 10 advising the car is ready. Couldn't do the customer car wash as the heat is too high and I would just have...
  12. A

    [Sat 2nd June] Bournemouth / Poole / Ferndown Jubilee Car Show

    As part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Ferndown Town Council are organising an afternoon/evening celebration. There will be craft stalls, games, stalls from Ringwood Brewery and New Forest Ice Cream, a falconry display, and much more, all finished off with fireworks in the evening. There...
  13. C63er

    Charles Trent poole

    On eBay there is a C63 engine complete, looks like someone wrote off the back end and now is being stripped for bits
  14. A

    STAR-TECH of Poole, Dorset

    Star-Tech of Poole, are currently attempting to repair my S320, They all seem very professional and nice. Home: Star-Tech: Mercedes Repairs, Servicing, MOT?S, Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset This is the post listing the problems/fault with my car...
  15. PeterE320Cdi

    Has anyone used Rustbusters in Poole

    Having got my car back from the bodyshop I would like to try and prevent future rust by using a Waxoyl treatment. Has anyone used http://www.rustbusters.co.uk/ who are based in Poole, they seem to be the closest Waxoyl specialist I can find to Devon. Any comments good or bad appreciated...
  16. M

    Christchurch / Poole / Bournemouth Mercedes Service

    Can anyone recommend either a MB Stealership in the Bournemouth (Dorset / Hampshire) area or a good independent. My car is looming to its third anniversary and will need an MOT soon. It has a full MB service history to date, I’m keen to keep it serviced as I do a high mileage, I just don’t...
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