1. JustIgnore

    Poor E55 AMG

    Seen on ebay: mercedes e55 amg | eBay Sad seeing an e55 in this condition. Could be a bargain if the description is correct.
  2. R

    Viano running problems poor mpg

    Hi all I have a 04 plate viano, what mpg would you expect? Currently I do the same 50mile journey to work then 50miles back every day, you'd expect the mpg displayed on the dash to be the same or similar for each journey, one trip would be about 31mpg then the next exact same journey would be...
  3. V

    204 C63 poor build quality?

    Had my 204 63 saloon for over 2 years now and it's been a good car for the most part but I've had my share of problems.. One of the rear Sachs dampers developed a leak which resulted in me replacing both with oe Sachs dampers. The front track rod had some play so I replaced both sides inner...
  4. V

    w169 replaced HU poor reception

    i wonder if anyone could help, i have a w169 of which i have replaced the head unit. I am now getting a very bad radio reception. i have removed the head lining locating the base of the roof antenna and the is only i single coax cabe exiting, looking online i was led to believe there may be an...
  5. B

    Poor radio signal

    Hello, I am new to here having only just bought a lovely low mileage R230 SL350, which is absolutely fantastic. My problem is that when listening to FM radio, the signal is weak and fuzzy even on strong stations such as Radio 2, or even my local station. It`s like not having an aerial...
  6. E

    Poor mpg and possible auto gearbox problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum having only owned my E280cdi 2009 estate for a couple of months. On the whole I'm pretty happy with the car but it does have a couple of issues. Firstly. Although it has full MB dealer history it had only had 1 gearbox service done at 45K it's now done 110k...
  7. E63AMG

    W212 DAB poor reception

    Apologies as I'm sure this has been discussed many times but I can't find the thread. The DAB on mine isn't great & granted I listen to the engine 90% of the time, but it'd be nice to have Planet Rock on now and again. Was there an arial replacement by MB or anything else to improve it...
  8. S

    ML320 W164 Poor radio signal

    Hi The radio died on me a couple of weeks ago and whilst I can get radio 2 (stationary) the scanner doesn't function and I loose the signal in anything but open countryside. I have removed the tailgate trim and located the aerial "amp" (A 164 820 16 89). I can see the local transmitter from...
  9. P

    e350 cdi poor mpg

    hi everyone just wanted to pick your collective brains. I bought my e350 cdi coupe in the summer lovely car but I'm not too happy with the mpg. previous owner had it remapped at Avon tuning Bristol area, car drives fine [ do get an occasional delay between throttle and pulling out but think...
  10. Steve260E

    Poor car :(

    This old E200 has been abandoned in a pub car park for over 6 months near me, kids are destroying it as you can see, spoke to pub landlord and she said Police have been informed but as its unregistered and on private land they can't touch it. Untaxed and uninsured, seems to have been sold on...
  11. D

    C43 4-Matic AMG Estate poor C63 substitute?

    Was contemplating going from my Audi SQ5 into a C63 AMG Estate but can't really stretch that fay financially so have been looking at the C43. I know its not a V8 etc... but interested to know if its worth the effort compared to my current drive as if I change cars I want to do before next April...
  12. S

    w221 S320cdi white/blue smelly smoke / poor fuel economy

    Hi Guys, I've had my S class for about a year now and have noticed from the start there is substantial white smoke on cold starts or when sitting in traffic. The smoke stinks and I can only imagine it is diesel which isn't being burned. I know from the previous owner that the car had the...
  13. ronwyer

    2000 E320 Poor Radio Reception

    These cars are certainly a bargain at 15 years of age. Got mine with only 99K on the clock and it runs well. The radio reception is without a doubt the worst of any motor vehicle I have ever owned. Over 20 miles from any station and forget it. There appears to e a little doo-dad that...
  14. mattc200d

    Poor radio reception

    Hi all, I have a 14 plate A200 CDI AMG sport that is suffering with poor tadio reception, I have removed the stereo and checked all connections at that end and all seems ok. The car is still under warranty but I fear putting it into Merc's will be a waste of time as the radio does get reception...
  15. lisa110rry

    Wacking great big tellies and poor 'lip sync'

    This week, I'm dog sitting a friend's two Labradors in his home. He has a massive curved Samsung telly,unbelievably large, and BT telly thing and I'm currently watching 'Ripper Street' (which isn't as good as it was) on it. Perhaps it's because Ican actually see the faces very clearly, but...
  16. C

    Vito W639 Poor radio reception.

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, but I am hoping someone can help with my problem. I have a Vito 122 CDI sport X 2013 plate with a command/audio and nav system I am currently experiencing very poor radio reception, the aerial is via a shark fin on the roof. I previously owned a...
  17. steve333

    Poor mpg

    Just used the 1st tank in the wife's slk200k(2009) and was shocked to see the car had only averaged 22mpg(brim to brim,obd showed 23.7 mpg).Car had a b service,ATF/filter change,plugs,brake fluid,air filter,pollen filter,coolant,tyre pressures checked and ok,tyres new all round and tracking...
  18. S

    Poor sound quality when playing music from phone (aux)

    I own a Mercedes CLC 350 2008 that hasn't done many kilometers since it rolled out of the factory. However the sound quality is really poor when I play music through the AUX port from my phone. The same phone/cable combo works perfect in my Skoda Octavia 2010 and the sound is great. However...
  19. C

    W209 Poor seat belt tension/retraction

    Hi guys, yes its me again. :0) Done a bit of googling because my seat belt is slow to retract when I take it off. Sometimes it gets trapped in the door when I get out. Ive seen some vids and articles from a W209 on this but they just mention replacing the mech. Is it possible to remove the...
  20. Druk

    Poor picture TV

    Quick answer please. Bought a new small telly yesterday from Curry/PC. Getting it back to the caravan it's got the worst picture ever. Not got time to haggle with them ( moving on tomorrow), so...what are my rights for a refund?..as opposed to "try this one sir". Ta.
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