1. lisa110rry

    Oh dear! The green meanie is poorly!

    I was driving home through Preston and the water reservoir light came on and the temp was visibly rising! Currently on pavement, hazards on, rescue called! Care to venture a guess what has caused this calamity? No prize to the winner!
  2. B

    E500 s211. A bit poorly

    High mileage and looks like it needs some tlc. Looks to have most of the toys though. If someone wants a fixer upper. Could be for them Look at this on eBay Mercedes E500 Estate 2004 - spares or repairs
  3. gl boy

    Poorly ML

    Drove to work ok this morning , got out the car , left it running whilst opening the gates , forgot back in !!! Here's where it starts , ABS & ESP Lights were on , as I put it in to reverse the gearbox didn't feel engaged no matter how hard I revved :-/ ,,,, then on come the engine management...
  4. Gollom

    Poorly E240

    Hit kickdown the other week and engine management light came on, could only achieve maximum of 40mph with virtually no acceleration and car was shaking. Was close by so dropped it in garage and he said after plugging it was showing injector problems and cleared them - car seemed OK until...
  5. paulgorringe

    AA called out, poorly car

    Hi I had to call out the AA breakdown after my CLK decided to throw ABS light and then ESP light and then would not come out of park. AA man checked all brake pads and abs sensors - no problems found. Had to override the gear selector to get out of park so I could get home. On the drive...
  6. B

    poorly e300.

    Hi all out there,newbie here so hope it's the right section. My problem is i think starts with my lights,xenon gas. turn side on no prob,turn main driving on,n/s lights up o/s tries but says no chance,put main beam on and the dash lights up with lots of errors,abs,bas,limit,antiskid,and a few...
  7. clk208

    Poorly Viseeo or poorly car socket?

    My Viseeo has gone from being somewhat temperamental to completely non functional. See image below- I get the green light in the middle but the little LCD screen doesn't come on at all any more and COMAND reports no phone present. Previously this would happen but the Viseeo would spring to...
  8. M

    Help with Poorly C220 CDI please, with Pics & codes

    Hello, I am hoping to find some help here regarding some issues with my 05 C220 CDI. I have found that if I drive below 60mph all seems well, once I break the 60mph mark the car will go into limp mode, up to 60mph she will rev through 3000rpm as normal. I have NO eml light when this happens and...
  9. andrewcliffe

    poorly C43 :-(

    Circumstances mean I am selling my 1999 T-reg C43 AMG. Owned and maintained by me for 6 years, lost of drive from gearbox and worryingly expensive sounding noises from the gearbox earlier this week means time has come to say goodbye. I cannot afford to invest the money into the vehicle...
  10. C

    Poorly ML320 (2003) Petrol

    I have an on going issue with my vehicle. I have posted an earlier reply which got some positive responses. Alas these replies also asked questions so in the meantime I have been able to add further information which may light the way. Problem: A, Cold.... Always starts fine. Should I...
  11. P

    A poorly Bentley Azure, suffering typical factory defects....

    Hi chaps, Thought I'd just pop this video of a lovely Bentley Azure I detailed last year, the car was suffering from the usual da sanding marks from factory and the wash swirls plus a nice football scuff on the bonnet. Hampshire Vehicle Detailing Vs Bentley azure Detail - YouTube Hope...
  12. S

    The poorly beast needs a new home

    Black Mercedes Clk 230 kompressor elegance auto coupe on eBay (end time 10-Dec-10 18:29:31 GMT)
  13. S

    Poorly ML 300 CDi Blue Efficiency SE

    Guys Can anybody help me help a friend please? Car is a new (Feb10) ML as above - let me know if you need any further details. It has recently been left standing for a couple of months during which time the battery (predictably) drained completely. Restarted OK with the help of jump...
  14. M

    Poorly 500E for £7000

    No tax, no MOT, no reversing! Mercedes 500E Porsche design For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK
  15. S

    Poorly sprinter 310

    I posted previously about sudden power loss on my 310d and I think I may have cured it.A wire going to the back of the fuel pump had been cut,I assume with the intention of installing some sort of switch,but had been badly rejoined with crimp blade and receptacle which had corroded.I remade the...
  16. A

    Rights for Car Buyers? poorly ML (not mine)

    Hello, My father in law bought an ML270Cdi about 2 months ago from a Franchised Nissan Dealer, he has used it for the first two months in which time it had to go back for the radio that wasn't working. However since getting the car back the seatbelts keep beeping, the ABS and Airbag light...
  17. C240Sport97

    Very poorly 124 E320 Coupe

    My mate's E320 (1994) is on its way to the grave ... It needs a new ECU and new engine harness .. parts alone is about £2000. Then there's the new wheel bearing, the poly vee belt, the a/c, leaking diff .. not to mention the rusting front wings. Apart from that, nothing wrong :mad: :mad...
  18. F

    :: My Poorly 260e :: :-(

    Hello all, I was loopy enough to buy a 260e (1989) Auto on ebay. The car is in good nick apart from a few quirks. (Passanger side e/w wont work. central locking unlocks but will not lock. Also the econometer does not work....) I drove her from Preston to Northampton. Great fun but disaster...
  19. portzy

    Poorly SLK.

    Well folks. This could be egg on face time in more ways than one. I've thought long and hard about posting this but I am having horendous problems with both my four and half month old SLK 280 and, for the time being nameless, retail outlet where I purchased her from. I cannot add anything...
  20. nigel cross

    Poorly lit heater controls

    The heater controls on my W203 seem to me to be poorly lit, there are no blank spots , they just seem very faint . There doesnt seem to be an instrument lighting control as in other care I have owned. Is it just me or is this correct? If there is a bulb blown how do you get to it? Thanks...
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