1. Fidge

    C204 Boot not opening when popped

    Hi, my boot doesn't always open fully when I pop-it. There's no pattern to it, sometimes it will open all the way up, other times it will just release and sit there. This is when the car is sat level. Anyone else had this, know how to fix it. It's just a gimmick, but I like gimmicks. :dk:
  2. Cyclone1

    Only Popped into the Dealers for some filters.....

    And came away with these.............. Pics...............lol
  3. V

    Popped into Mercedes

    Bad idea. Took about 10 minutes to decide. Bought the facelift 2016 SL63 just did for me. Maybe it was the colour it just looked right if you understand. Wife uttered not again.
  4. S

    What a beauty!? This just popped up on my Facebook for sale

    Fahrzeugmarkt Mercedes-Benz W 116 280 S Pontoneer this is a bit of you? :p
  5. kalvin928

    w211 rear subwoofer 'popped' - options?

    As title says the Harman Kardon subwoofer has broke.....well there was a really loud pop and now no sound emitting from it ( amp is fine and still has power) when I physically push parts of the speaker, distorted sound can be heard I originally changed the ICE setup but retained original...
  6. B

    Clk engine popped

    I bought a clk 240 avantgarde w209 52 plate.. I was cruising down the motorway when all of a sudden I heard a massive bang, then a judder and another bang. A big loss of power and then the engine cut out straight away as I quickly tried to cut on to the hard shoulder.. Engine was steaming up...
  7. Howard

    Popped out last night to pick up some milk .....

    And look what I saw !
  8. M

    Slk 172 Rear Bumper Popped out Help needed

    Hi All, Unfortunately i am on this forum because today i reversed my slk 172 into a two foot post... Big crunch, luckily no cracks i can see from the outside. The damage: Rear right side has popped out and has left a gap between the bodywork and light, have paint missing as well which can...
  9. wweekes

    2008 cl63 surpentine belt popped

    2008 cl63 main belt popped. Belt was shredded i believe one of the pulley seized. When it popped all the lights came on esp, abs, battery, coolant low. Suspension dropped. Can someone let me know whats going on, did the airmatic computer also go?
  10. CraigBEDS

    CLK320 cabrio 2004 rear headrests popped up and wont go down - help

    I had to hit the brakes on a speed bump which sent the rear headrests shooting up to fully extended. A safety feature, I think. The button is just clicking and when I try to take the roof off the computer says visit workshop. Any suggestion on lowering would really be appreciated. Thanks
  11. biturbo

    Took a Whilst but its popped up sl60 amg

    MERCEDES BENZ SL60 AMG - Classic and Contemporary Cars - Avantgarde Cars The sl60 amg that was sold for 14k with the red leather, has come up now. Looks quiet nice the interior never seen one like that before. Looking for a 10k profit from it.
  12. W

    Please help...W203 Headrest Popped

    I've had a rattling headrest for some time so decided to try and fix it by pulling the pillars apart slightly trouble is the headrest has now popped apart like it would in an accident if you know what I mean? Question is how do I push the back part back I to the front part of the headrest...
  13. shangatic

    CL500 (W215) rear air suspension popped...

    Hello everyone, Before I go into my message, just want to say that I love reading threads about mercs on this forum, its a great forum and well organised. Keep it up! Anyways, I got into my car this morning, started the engine and raised the ABC suspension...then I heard a loud popping...
  14. P

    This CLK500 just popped up on the Trader

    This 2002 (52) Tanzanite blue CLK500 just popped up on Autotrader. It looks good, low miles (48000) with full Benz history up at £8995. I spoke to the trader he is sending me pics of the service history and more of the car interior/engine etc. The Ad says AMG kit, but I am not sure it does (can...
  15. silverclk230

    Help please - rear headrests popped up !

    Help please - Please can anyone advise how to reset these without going to dealers, car is W208 clk cab.(although I have booked in for Friday pm). Went over hump bridge today too fast & rear headrests popped up (car thought it was going to roll over despite only doing 30 ish) now they wont...
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