1. Johnny007

    Panoramic roof making cracking noise

    Hi although I joined a few years back I was not much of an active member or at all to be honest. I'm a newbie I'd say. So please forgive me if I do anything wrong in asking a question in the wrong place in advance. I have 2011 e350 diesel 265 with panoramic roof, the car is out of warranty...
  2. B

    M156 Dipstick Popping / PCV Valve

    Hi, just some general info that may assist others one day. M156 Engine, 112,000 miles - Dipstick popping out under full load. Suspected PCV Valve blocked. No codes of whistling noise tho. Replaced it (it's not too bad on the ML to do, more room between bulkhead engine). Blew threw it...
  3. J

    190e Popping sound under acceleration

    Hello All, I am new to this site but not new to Mercedes ownership. I have a 190e 2.0 auto. I recently bought it and the previous owner advised that he replaced all the seals including the rocker cover gasket. He said it was running fine but on test drive it would not accelerate well and was...
  4. G

    Vito indicator stalk keeps on popping off.

    Hello Mercedes experts, I've done a search but I can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem. I've got a 2005 Vito and when I came to use it after Christmas the cap on the end of the indicator stalk pops off all the time especially when I turn it to activate the windscreen wipers. I can't...
  5. A

    Popping from ac on start up c203 coupe

    When starting up the car there is a popping sound from the air con ( I think) it stops after a. Few mins. It seams to stop quicker if I mess about with ac controls. This only occurs when the car has been left awhile. Ie over night. When restarting when warm no problem. Any ideas
  6. B

    CLK 55 AMG Cab W209 - Awful suspension sound

    Hi Chaps, Hoping for a bit of wisdom here - I've had my 55 since June and loved it but I've noticed that when I'm turning uphill like up a petrol station ramp or turning the wheels to park up onto a curb I hear this awful sound coming from the front right suspension. It sounds like a metallic...
  7. ChrisEdu

    Clonking and popping noises

    I had 4 new tyres fitted Friday, so got a full laser alignment done and the same time. However, now I've noticed clonking and what seems to be a popping noise coming from the front near-side corner, in addition to the other mystery noise issue that the car has been suffering with! I've...
  8. T

    Sensor keeps popping out (Air Flow?)

    I've found that a sensor keeps coming out every time I accelerate hard (I assume it's a air flow sensor?) Am I missing a clip of some sorts? The car is a W202 C250 TD. Thanks.
  9. U

    C55 Driver door pin popping up and down?

    As title my drivers door pin has started to pop up and down when i lock the car.. is there anything i can try to remedy this..? or am i looking at a new lock..?
  10. esprit200

    Crunching / Popping from front end CLK270

    Hello! I have an issue with my CLK270 CDI (2002). When turning right hand down at low speeds, a nasty crunching or creaking / and popping sound is audible from the front end. The noise occurs when the car is in motion both forwards and backwards, but only when steering right, and only...
  11. C

    Mesh popping out on R230 front bumper

    I have an issue with the nearside mesh that surrounds the foglight in the front bumper of my SL. Whenever I come to wash the car I notice it has 'popped out' at the top as it wraps round the side of the bumper. I can pop it back in again and it feels like it clips in, but it is still sitting...
  12. biturbo

    This Sl60 keeps popping up and going up in price

    Mercedes AMG SL60 commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei For Sale (1992) on Car And Classic UK ive seen it for 12k then 18k then 22k over the last 4 years.
  13. T

    1.7CDi - Injector seals Popping

    Dear Agony Aunt, About 7 weeks ago I got #3 injector replaced on my Vaneo 1.7 CDi. at the weekend, the familiar sound of a blown seal, along with the smell and smoke in the engine compartment came upon it. I took it back to the garage who had fitted the injector, and they did the work and...
  14. T

    If your dipstick keeps popping out ....

    Is it a problem ? This relates to my "investigate everything to find out why the exhaust is smoking on a diesel Vaneo" thread. One thing I have noticed lately is that the dipstick keeps popping up. It might be that the O ring on the handle is wearing, or it might be that there is excessive...
  15. B

    Popping Noise behind rear view mirror C240

    Hi. Can anyone help. My 2001 C240 makes a loud popping noise which appears to come from behind the rear view mirror. It is about 3 sec intervals and lasts for about 30 secs after starting the car. Any ideas?
  16. mark.t

    air popping sound

    the car has a air popping sound a bit like potatoes bubbling in a pan for about 5 mins after the car is switched off its on the manifold side anyone any ideas below is the picture its item number 53 there are 3 lines off it one with a filter that's where the air is going into or coming out of if...
  17. abbos

    W115 Popping from start

    My W115 when started up will sit and idle but it doesn't sound right and the battery light is lit up on the dash. If you gently try to give it some throttle it stalls. Today I was a little bit more brutal without the old bugger and gave it some throttle only to find that it would pop loudly...
  18. P

    Central locking popping open

    Hi, I was driving down the road the other day and my central locking popped open (both the doors) :eek: so I locked it and carried on and thought nothing more of it. Then it happened twice yesterday :( Has anyone else seen this happen ? Regards, Peter
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