1. camerafodder

    Suspicious Popups whilst banking

    Hi Guys our PC at home is 'protected' by an up to date copy of Norton 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials. However when on our bank website a popup appears asking for addtional info ie full security number. This seemed suspicious so we logged off without filling in the box. Mrs Camerafodder...
  2. N

    Pop-ups when using Ebay

    Hi All Is anybody else getting my problem it happens with I.E or Firefox. When I go into Ebay and open or close a page I get a Pop-up in the bottom right hand corner (As picture). I have contacted Ebay and they said they cannot produce the fault so it must be my computer,I have a very good...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    IE7 Allowing Pop-Ups

    Recently updated to IE7, and when ever I wish to add an image to this site the pop-up image that normally appears requires permission from the yellow box that appears on the toolbar. The option is "temporally allow pop-ups" how do I always allow them to appear only on this site? the only...
  4. BaldGuy

    IE7 Ad popups

    For some reason everytime I open IE7 recently I keep getting another few windows opening with adverts... How do i stop this? Its driving me crazy.... There must be a setting somewhwre to turn it off? I think my kids have been playing and have changed something.... All help most grateful...
  5. marcos


    My computer is bieng attacked by constant pop ups. They appear constantly and are now making my pc unusable. I have spybot and spywareblaster installed but they are not helping. I presume that somewhere in the computer a program has been installed But I cant find it. I found a couple of adware...
  6. M


    Nothing to do with MB's I know, but I am having real trouble with popups appearing all the time on my screen:devil: They are driving me crazy Does anyone know of any good free software available to stop them?.....They are even popping up when I'm writing this:crazy: Bob By the way Ian...
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