1. A

    CLS Aux port

    Hi. I just bought my 2nd Merc - it's CLS 320cdi (07 plate). The car needs some love as previous owner didn't care for it... but I'm getting it sorted out ;) One of the problems I found is that the aux port doesn't work. Then I realized that it has the newer ntg2.5 retrofitted :doh: (I had to...
  2. clk320x

    Get aftermarket headunit to work with stock aux port

    Anyone managed to get aftermarket Headunit to work with factory aux port? I note 2 wires on loom going to aux port, any way to convert these to a nornal 3.5mm jack? Would be interesting to hear what you guys think? Cheers
  3. lfckeeper

    Inlet port shutoff ist kaputt

    As above my inlet port shutoff has put the car into limp mode with the orange engine light on. After a bit of research on this I've been left fuming really as the words 'badly designed turbo' and 'common problem' keep coming up. Then to read mercedes were aware there was a problem and...
  4. MancMike

    ODBii port powers reader, but won't connect

    Hi, Breaking off from this thread, my two ODBii scanners both exhibit the same issue. One is a wifi reader that connects to my phone. The phone connects to the reader no problem, but I get error messages that it cannot read the interface. The other is a handheld reader, again it gets...
  5. D

    USB port not working in start up

    Hi, I have a 2016 a-class A180d. The USB port in the armrest does not always work straightaway. I have tried to use CarPlay with my iPhone and a USB drive to listen to music and it can be a while before it activates what's plugged in to it and sometimes not at all. The phone charges so...
  6. Jim55

    Remap at autotec port glasgow

    Anybody used these for a Mercedes c220? Iv had them recommended but as far as I know they're a revo dealer, I thought revo was vag only , they seem to have a good set up but anybody any comments?:confused:iv heard mixed reviews reg Stan at ecotune in Hillington , bad ones mainly ,cars goosed and...
  7. pmcgsmurf

    Fault Code 2513-1 / Check Component M55 Inlet Port Shutoff Motor / W211 E220 CDi OM64

    Hi folks Today my old W211 E220 CDi wont rev. above 3,000 RPM and shows code 2513-1 Check Component M55 (inlet port shutoff motor). I'm guessing the motor may be bunged up and stuck/sticking. Anyone any experience of this and am I right in the below sequence? Soon as I get some time I'm...
  8. BIG_G_1979

    W211 e280 cdi sport aux port

    Hi guys my car doesn't have a aux port in glove box how hard would it be to add one and would it be expensive I have the audio 20 radio thanks in advance
  9. jukie

    GLK telematics port

    Does anyone know if a GLK does or should have one? If so, where will it be? I cannot see anything obvious in either front foot well. TIA, David.
  10. S

    inlet port shutoff motor and turbo acctuator

    inlet port shutoff motor and turbo actuator these both went on my 2008 E270 diesel. I have just bought an E350 S212 does this suffer similar issues?
  11. rockits

    E55K 'Sport' Setting

    Anyone know if the 'Sport' setting on the W/S211 does anything with engine power or is it just gearbox change settings and/or throttle response? Wasn't sure if it was similar to the BMW 'M' button on most of their M cars that turns the engine up to max output?
  12. Leesanderson

    Aux port not working?

    Evening all, new to the forum and also Mercedes! I have a 2010 clc which has an aux port in the wall of the glovebox, I have plugged my phone into this and nothing happens to the stereo, am I doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance, Lee
  13. K

    W163 Inlet Port Shut Off Motor Advice

    Guys, looking for some guidance on what to do here. Have a 2002 ML270 with the dreaded power loss issue that's been diagnosed as the Inlet Port Shut Off Motor. I have a few options available to me. New part from Merc is €230 + €180 for my mechanic to fit. 2nd hand part with warranty...
  14. D

    Playing MP3's via the auxiliary port

    Hi I haven't yet collected my Mercedes yet so I appologise for the question, when I take delivery I can obviously play around myself. It's a 2011 C-Class and was advertised as having an auxiliary port. I did look for this at the time in the glove box but couldn't find it (there were many other...
  15. GLK

    Wanted: OBD-II port cover

    I'm looking for a protective cover for a secondary OBD port*, something like this one here: but without the stupid warning sign and at a price befitting a cheap piece of plastic (it's on US eBay for $30 delivered or something silly like that) ... I suppose I can live with the 'No Flash'...
  16. A

    OM642 Turbo/EGR/inlet port shutoff problem

    Hello, I have a 2005 w211 estate with 130K miles. I've been experiencing a whole rage of problems which, I believe, are related to the turbo and inlet shutoff motor. Apart from this the car runs well and I really want to resolve the whole problem rather than part of it. Here are the main...
  17. C

    Diagnostic port

    Hi, have a 2003 clk 320 I think its a w209 does anybody know where I would find the diagnostic port and whether its a normal 16 pin or different ? Cheers charlie
  18. M

    New Owner, 1998 C200 Auto, where's the OBD port?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me where the OBD port is on my 1998 C200 Auto Estate? (is that a W202?) Thanks :)
  19. M

    2015 sprinter usb port

    hello everybody, i picked up a new 2015 sprinter 313cdi today. can anybody cast some light onto why the usb port on the dashboard will not recognise an iphone ? thanks in advance
  20. pnevesfoto

    Samsung Android adapter for UHI bluetooth cradle port...

    Hello you all... I'm looking for an interface that allow my Samsung Galaxy Ace to interact with the UHI cradle port mounted under the armrest center console... is there any technical solution for me?
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