1. W

    Porter Cable 7424 Machine Polisher -£70

    Porter Cable 7424 Machine Polisher - used but in fully working condition. Comes boxed with backing plate and spanner. £70 collected from Portsmouth You'll also need a US to UK power transformer, this has two inputs and two outputs and is VERY heavy! - £15 Collected from Portsmouth...
  2. 230K

    Lost my Porter Cable!! What to replace it?

    Hi I had a Porter Cable and used it to polish my cars and boat and loved it but........ somehow i have managed to misplace it whether it was stolen or whatever i dont know but its gone. So having been out of the detailing scene that changes so quickly what would the panel advise as a good...
  3. Goldfish11

    Review: Meguiars G220 240volt Polisher vs Porter Cable

    Well as many of you know since I started the “Power car polishing / buffing / waxing” thread ( http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=6997 ) nearly four years ago polishing my car has sadly become a major obsession. This thread as you will see has now been viewed over 40,000 times and...
  4. Goldfish11

    Update - 240 volt dual action polisher (porter cable)

    Just to keep everyone upto date. You may remember in June there was talk of Autopia ( http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?autopia+MBWu4u+index.html+ ) releasing a 240volt CE approved dual action "Ultimate Detailing Machine". The launch date was Autumn 2007. I have been in touch with the...
  5. PaulE230

    My porter cable

  6. PaulE230

    Complete Porter cable polisher kit inc transformer and all pads

    Hello I am selling my Porter cable polisher its only a few months old and is all ready to go EVERYTHING you need is here... The porter cable polisher backing plate standard size Sonus SFX Yellow cutting foam pad Sonus SFX Blue polishing foam pad Sonus SFX white finishing foam pad Sonus...
  7. Goldfish11

    Spy Photo - 240volt UK version of Porter Cable

    It is very much on its way. A purpose built PorterCable 1000 for the U.K. David at Autopia has been working on this and it seems 500 units are on the way to a U.K. distributor plus you can still purchase from Autopia USA (if the exchange rate is good it may be good to go direct!) You can also...
  8. rajinder_1

    Porter Cable Polisher

    Guys, I am thinking about buying a Porter cable, after polishing my car and still not elliminating the swirls in the paint work i am tempted to buy one. I havent used one before so am a bit catius about taking too much paint/laquer off? also i would need to buy a transformer and extension...
  9. NW_Merc

    Got my Porter Cable through today

    And no duty paid, how good is that, full package including pads for 138 squids
  10. NW_Merc

    Porter cable and pads

  11. bibamus

    Porter Cable 7424 Car Polisher + Sonus pads

    Brand new 110v Porter Cable 7424 polisher and set of unused Sonus Das pads complete with Guide to Detailing CD from Autopia. Pad kit contains Flexiplate ( 5" velcro backing plate) Orange foam pad ( compounding) Green foam pad ( Perfecting) Blue foam pad ( High gloss polishing finishing and...
  12. Pietre

    Porter Cable Question

    Stupid question but, the different coloured pads for use on a Porter Cable. What colour do I use for what job or does it matter? :confused:
  13. Mambo

    Porter Cable 7424

    Seems I don't use my Porter Cable as much as I thought I would. It's only been used three times in the last year or so. Comes with a collections of pads and is in as new condition. Looking for offers around £120, or £150 with the transformer + P&P.
  14. Goldfish11

    Porter Cable 7424 Power Polisher to be available in U.K.

    A number of us have been beating up the U.K. importer for Porter Cable and finally they have found a way to import the 110volt version (which is without a CE Mark) So thanks to all who have put pressue on them. Problem is it may still be cheaper to import from USA but at least there is now a...
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