1. C43AMG

    Happy Birthday Portzy

    May i wish Portzy a Happy Birthday on my Birthday :)
  2. portzy

    Portzy's new Van!

    A "straight out the box" pic for now until the mods list starts;). For info she's an:- A Class A170. Avantgarde SE. Night Black. Sports Pack. Sports Seats. Electric Folding Mirrors. Parktronic with Self Parking. Heated Seats. Adjustable Steering Column (in/out up/down) Blue Tooth...
  3. portzy

    Portzy (junior's) got a new ML.

    My son, remember the thread :D ?, has got himself a new ML. He and his missus had been looking at Lexus Hybrid's and BMW X3/5's (the shame :rolleyes: ) before we got together last October so I suggested he see sense and he has. I pretty much brokered the deal for them at MB Bradford and they...
  4. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday to C43AMG and Portzy

    Portzy and Peter have a great day :bannana:
  5. pammy

    Happy Birthday Portzy

    :bannana: :bannana: Have fabtastic day m8 :bannana: :bannana:
  6. gary350

    For Portzy R171 SLK Tyre Pressures

    The attached shows the actual filler cap tyre pressures as you can see its misleading. The top line is supposed to be 17" and bottom line 18" so I am right 32 front 35 rear. gary
  7. pammy

    Bestest birthday wishes - PORTZY

    :bannana: :bannana: 50 today :bannana: :bannana: Have a superb day chuck. Dream of your birthday pressie :D :D ;)
  8. pammy

    Happy Birthday Portzy

    Happy Birthday Have a great day chuck ;) :kiss:
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