1. R

    Positive post

    On the W215 CL is there a positive post under the bonnet. I cannot open the boot with the metal key and the battery is disconnected so I want to attach a battery to a post under the bonnet so I can use the fob. I can't see one. TIA
  2. Y

    glowplug output stage short circuit to positive

    glow output stage short circuit to positive hi all my cars has a problem glowplug lights is always on i have check all 4 plugs which read 0 ohms the relay reads 17 ohms at all 4 points i have opened up the relay and it looks good testing voltage at power wire i gt 0 volts all...
  3. fabes

    TYRELEADER - positive experience

    Ordered 2 new rears on Sunday morning Delivered Wednesday morning (from Germany iirc) Hankook EVO2 S1 K117's 255/35/18's at £91 each They're on (not happy about the muppets I decided to try yesterday as my usual place had to close unexpectedly though) but look and feel fine. I used...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Ebay and Paypal - positive results

    I know Ebay to a large extent and Paypal to a lesser get a fair bit of stick for dodgy sellers, shills and losers who bid and fail to arrive, but I have had two very positive experiences when something has gone wrong. The first, I ordered a 5 speed Fiat 127 gearbox from a seller in Hungary paid...
  5. pimpdriver

    B G Griffiths, Bristol (positive review)

    Hi, A few weeks ago I took my 2002 W210 to another independent in Bristol, I was not too impressed with the hourly rate (£65/hr plus VAT), as well as the excessive mark up on the oil (8.5 litres of 5w40 meeting MB spec for £91.50 plus VAT), so I thought I'd try another recommended independent...
  6. A

    Salisbury Mercedes positive feedback

    Just had my AMG serviced in Salisbury today. Got to say I'm never pleased about taking my car to a dealer, but was very impressed with them from the off. Haggled on the price, 1/2 price mot, carried all warranty work, and kept me up to speed. Nice experience! Oh and I got 4x cans of diet...
  7. S

    Positive Caster On One Side

    Well… After my springs, lower and top arms and ARB bushes have been replaced, my alignment data all looks good J However, one thing does concern me slightly and that is the Caster angles: Actual Before Specified Range Actual Before Specified Range 6.03...
  8. Billy albert

    I did the glycol test on c32 and was positive

    But only a little bit so changing rad , full flush solenoid and see if that helps
  9. K

    HELP! Dead Battery!! Need positive terminal?

    Hi, I have a w211 2003 E55 AMG. The battery is completely dead and I can't access the boot. (blade keys don't work). Does anyone know where I can find a positive terminal under the bonnet to provide power to open the boot? I've looked through the forum but I can't find a solution. Thanks in...
  10. bpsorrel

    Something positive!

    After all this negativity towards my CLS, I decided to dust it off and take it out this morning for a good blast around the chilterns! Well, despite the rattling (it makes it all the time now) it still drives superbly! The engine is silky smooth, and endowed with shocking amounts of power - way...
  11. N4D5

    Positive feedbak - Top Job BRABUSK8

    As you may or may not be aware i was experiencing a few vibration problems recently, car was shaking like mad when cold and also when slowing down or turning right. Well it got real bad last week and enough was enough. I was on a mission to sort it. Luckily BRABUSK8 came to the rescue also...
  12. The Boss

    Something Positive for men to read in the news! Yippe!!

    BBC News - Alcohol 'protects men's hearts'
  13. The Boss

    Finally something positive to read

    Read this article just now.. brings a tear to my eye... Something so positive to read... what a change! well done you! http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/10/18/army-medic-lines-up-10-colleagues-in-blood-donor-production-line-to-save-wounded-marine-115875-21754681/
  14. Redline

    Positive terminal in engine compartment

    Hi! I'm about to install some gadgets, and I was wondering where the positive terminal is connected in the engine compartment? Also, where is the most practical point to get some wires through to the cabin? Car is a W202 C180. ;)
  15. R

    On a positive note.

    I just thought I'd like to say with all the negativity about these days, I like Mercedes and I like my car in particular. Hope this doesn't offend anyone on this lovely sunny Monday morning:D ;)
  16. D

    W202 Under bonnet positive terminal

    Hi all, I have been looking through this forum for a while, though this is my first post. I have recently bought a 98R C250 TD estate (I take it this is a W202?), with the intention of converting it to run on veg oil. However, I am having some difficulty finding a permanent +12V connection...
  17. pammy

    Another positive dealership experience

    Fed up of hearing dealers being slated unfairly here's my good experience for the day. Popped Edna in as she'd been beeping and flashing her roof light at me although all seemed to be OK. Service manager came out and looked immediately. Spent a while trying to get her to bleep and typically she...
  18. nickg

    Positive Thinking - Need Help Choosing the Next one...

    Well...got to accept that the SL is a goner, so what next? Top of the list is still another SL60 AMG but also considering XK8 or XKR conv. or a 996 or 993. Any thoughts? I am budgeting around £25K at this stage and it will be my everyday car doing c.10k pa so not v heavy usage but must...
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