1. B

    Touchless wash,iS It PoSs..?

    Spending money having cars paint corrected and a 5 year ceramic sealant,DO not want to harm any part of it on its return.bar not driving it to keep it 100% clean and is there a way of touchless washing it? I practice the usual 2 bucket etc grit gard and blotching it dry.. Want to know if...
  2. tommerc49

    Need a new car for the Mrs (poss A150?) - seeking advice

    Afternoon, My Mrs has a 2 year old Toyota Aygo - it's a great car but she's paying well over the odds for it (it's leased through the NHS) so she's now looking for a new (used) car. Whilst the Aygo has been great, she wants something slightly bigger. I've shown her several makes and models...
  3. jotter22

    Poss battery drain

    I think my clk may have developed a battery drain, The battery is not that old (appx 1-2 years) and has been fine until i noticed last week it felt a bit lethargic, went out this morning and it was as dead as a doornail. Is there a cash friendly solution to finding a battery drain or is it...
  4. holbay

    Audio 20 poss swap

    Hey guys my E320 Cdi has an audio 20 CD/radio. I was wondering is there a better head unit I could swap over too that will handle CD/RW and mp3 and display track info. Thanks guys George..
  5. R

    Oh dear - 250sl Pagoda poss engine rebuild reqd - Nottingham - any specialists??

    Hi everyone - longtime since i posted.....phew...i wish i hadnt fallen in love with these pagodas.....anyway.....cosmetically my car is now 95%...mechanically (and i am no techy) the "big ends and mains" need replacing...does this mean i need an engine rebuild....other than a tune up i've had...
  6. S

    18" Wheels AMG III IV, Brabus Mono Q - poss swap

    Looking for a set of 18" wheels ideally Brabus Monoblock Q or AMG III or IV but will consider others. Have these if interested in p/x:
  7. c55

    Rebuilt gearbox 722.3 from Carlsson c37 poss 1st gear start opt

    Fully rebuilt 722.3 gearbox removed from Carlsson c37 Has less than 1000 miles on it having been totally rebuilt by George Frazer who was the number 1 Mercedes Benz gearbox specialist. I believe it may also have have the first gear start option but I can not confirm. Torque Convertor included...
  8. G

    mobile dent repair help needed

    Hi has anyone had a work carried out by a mobile dent specailist, as i have not previously i am unsure as to weather they could help me the dent its self is not very big smaller than ur fist but its right on the crease line of the body can this be removed totaly { maybe not scrathes } back...
  9. Gumball

    Looking for a E55k / CLS55 poss E63

    As title looking for a E55k / CLS55 / E63 / CLS63 Got 8 - 12k ish movement either way. I have seen all the ones on the main stream. Cheers Paul
  10. Billy albert

    C32 AMG problem poss tps

    Symptoms - accelerated and came to a lumpy halt Turn off wait, restart ok, accelerate lumpy halt. Error messages on dash at point of power fail = esp engine visit workshop and engine light. Codes pulled see pic Going in to Alex crow but out of interest what do you guys think ?
  11. G

    vito 113 petrol poss stuck rings

    Hi This vans been laid up 12 months and ran before that now a compression test gives psi test cylinder 1 = 170 cylinder 2 = 50 cylinder 3 = 0 cylinder 4 = 150 I'm wondering if rings could be stuck on 2 and 3 cylinders, its worth trying so could I put a lube down cylinders 2 and 3...
  12. ricardo62

    injector poss not working

    Ok short and to the point If i had 1 injector not working would i notice it ?the reason for this quetion is when its idling i detecy a slight uneveness , and im wondering if this migh be the reason for clouds of black smoke out of the exhaust when i accelerate up a hill and a load is put n the...
  13. SilverSaloon

    W124 engine undertray (and gearbox undertray if poss)

    hi wanted - plastic or metal W124 engine undertray. Its for a E300D but I'm happy to have any as I guess they all fit maybe with some minor modification also needing the gearbox undertray aswell. PM me if you have something thanks derek
  14. Mr Fixit

    Newbie Looking for a new car (C32 poss)

    Just joined having sold the E46 M3:eek: I'm looking at AMG C32 as a replacement;- did a quick search for a buyers guide but no luck. Found a few with 60-70K that look OK, but any pointers as to what to look for would be much appreciated. TA
  15. Beardz

    S211 Tow Bar & poss trailer

    Has anyone got one for sale or can advise where to get one as cheap as possible please? Trailerwise I am only looking for one suitable for camping and preferably with a locking lid Cheers if you can help
  16. E

    Interesting W202 search result on eBay! poss. NSFW!!!

    Saddo that I am I always try to get the closest model of any car I buy. Anyways, I searched for "w202 model" earlier on eBay. This is the result, the top item is very interesting: (poss NSFW) w202 model | eBay :bannana:
  17. T

    poss brake judder

    hi all my 53 reg c220 cdi estate , has a judder under braking seems to be coming from the n/s/f , jacked up last week found the lower track control arm ball joint worn , now replaced , judder still there:doh: ok im thinking its the discs , there seems to be two possable size discs for mine , i...
  18. moralcrusader

    W123 Poss. Alternator Faliure

    Evenin' all. Have had a scare tonight while driving back home - both the battery and orange brake wear lights both came on without warning. Couldn't see anything obviously wrong under the bonnet, and the engine was happily ticking over. The lights were bright when idling, but dimmed...
  19. 300CE

    1989 Mercedes Benz 300CE Automatic - (poss 40,000 miles)

    on Gumtree - could be a bargain at £1950.00 if all genuine: 1989,MERCEDES BENZ, 300CE, AUTOMATIC, PILLARLESS COUPE MUST BE VIEWED Used Mercedes-Benz for sale IG6, 1EB, EAST London
  20. J

    WTD: W124 Estate parts required (Tourmaline green if poss)

    Hi, I'm after the self-closing mechanism for the tailgate of W124, must be in working order. Also I require a Front and Rear bumper for a late model Estate and lower tailgate trim all in Tourmaline Green would be handy too, but not essential!:thumb: Thanks and regards, Justin. My mobile...
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