1. KillerHERTZ

    eBay Global Shipping Program Postage

    Just sold my broken Nexus 4 to a buyer who turns out to be located in Spain. The address is: GSP Shipping Centre, 1 Langham Park Ref # ID Removed for Obvious Reasonds South Normanton Derbyshire DE55 2GF United Kingdom Which initially I thought was a scam or somthing odd. After...
  2. BlackC55

    NA 63 BMC air Filters. £40 each plus postage.

    I have just had delivery of some more 63 BMC filters today. :D They are fantastic quality items compared to some of the more popular makes. They are fitted for life so no need to buy another air filter as they are washable. They retail at £50 each. For MBClub members I will do them for just...
  3. ss201

    Postage stamps - any experienced collectors?

    My 89 year old uncle has a massive stamp collection (approximately one million stamps), including many from a former local Post Office owner's collection that are over 100 years old. He wants to realise some of the money he has invested in the collection over the years. Has anyone any experience...
  4. S

    Free - Just pay the postage or collect

    I have promised my wife to clear the garage so first up W211 Genuine Mercedes Blue velour car mats, the drivers side has some minor marks that may wash out. These were fitted by the dealer when I bought this car and I used them for less than a 1000 miles. If you want them you will need to...
  5. Spinal

    DSR: Return of Item (Postage)

    A quickie - I just got an item bought on ebay (buy-it-now, not auction).... problem is, it's damaged. Before anyone asks, it's a large folding table, and one of the 4 panels is bent to the point it can't be used. The box it came in wasn't damaged on the outside, and as such, was signed for...
  6. M

    Cheap IBM T42 laptop for sale £100 + postage

    Hi All, I have for sale an IBM T42 laptop, it has 1Gb (upgradable to maximum of 2Gb) and a 40Gb hard drive (IDE) comes with a power supply and battery (battery does hold charge for over two hours.) Also comes with Windows XP Pro pre installed. Also has Fingerprint recognition Perfect to load...
  7. E CLASS

    15 war books - £22 + postage

    All excellent reads...great for a long summer holiday... Chris Ryan: - The Kremlin Device - The Increment - The Watchman - Blackout - Greed - Ultimate Weapon Andy McNab: - Liberation Day - Firewall (not the signed copy) - Deep Black - Last Light - Crisis Four Nick Richardson: - No Escpae...
  8. C

    New beru ht leads £34 + postage

    Hi, I am selling a set of Brand New 'Beru' Branded HT Leads, for Mercedes M103 Engines. IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: This set is missing the 'KING' Lead that goes from the Coil pack to the Distributor! So you are getting 6 new leads (1 for each spark plug), not 7 leads. These cost a...
  9. N

    Look at the postage price not the buy it now!!!

    Look at the postage what a joke and no collection possible!!!! watch out! Mercedes-Benz S Class W220 Pair of Rear Lights(1999-05) on eBay (end time 17-Jun-10 16:48:12 BST)
  10. P

    Excess postage

    Had a card through the door from the postie saying there was a letter I had to collect from the sorting office. Duly went along and there was a foolscap size brown envelope with my name and address hand written on it. No indication of where/who it came from so paid the 15p extra postage and £1...
  11. reflexboy

    Postage to Australia

    Bit of a bizzare one-my two young cousins who live in Brisbane are pleading with me to send them some of those mini cans of Coke over to them. In return, my other cousin (the boys Dad) will send me some 'real Auzzie beer:bannana: '. Any idea of the cost of shipping a case of mini cans of Coke to...
  12. nigel cross

    Free postage today

    Clean and shiny are offereing free postage today, so stock up. :bannana:
  13. mercmanuk

    ebay postage

    ive 149 records ive sold on ebay to a guy in athens,i clearly stated in my advert collection only from the manchester area only,no postage.the guy in athens won the bidding ,has paid me through ebay but has asked me to arrange postage.does anyone know a courier who will pack the vinyl and...
  14. grasmere

    Why guess postage when u can 'easyweigh' - free from royal mail ?

    Found this on the Royal Mail website before xmas and mine just arrived today, a small cardboard balance to help decide if your letter is up to 60 gms or over without resorting to kitchen scales ;) From the website: Overview Weighing letters to find the correct postage, especially for...
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