1. 4

    W211 - upgrade to 7 digit postcode

    I think I know the answer, but can I update the Navigation function on COMAND in my 2006 (pre-facelift) from the useless 5 digit postcode limitation to accept 7 digit postcodes by upgrading the firmware? As I understand it I have NTG 1 but need NTG 2.5, but this is something that will require...
  2. tali

    Is your postcode a Burglary Hotspot?

    UK Burglary Hot Spots | MoneySuperMarket My results Houses in your postcode district, , have a 0.36% chance of being burgled. Out of the 2,216 UK postcode areas, it is the 1,982nd most likely to put in a home insurance claim for burglary
  3. D

    W164 ML 320 Command Navigation 5 vs 7 Digit Postcode Entry

    Does anyone know of a firmware or other software update that could allow 7 rather than the German 5 Digit Postcode entry on the Command Navigation system for an ML320 W164? I am asking as someone who loves the system and can work around it but it frustrates me every time my wife steals my...
  4. D

    COMAND-APS NTG4 and iphone 5c and 5 digit postcode

    I have a 2011 C220 (W204) with the screen for the satnav folding out of the dash. I believe the software is the COMAND-APS NTG4 which only allows me to enter 5 digit postcodes. The dealer (Sytner) said that it cannot be updated to take 7 digits. Is this true? Additionally, whilst my iPhone 5c...
  5. S

    Postcode and street number issue

    I have had this happen a number of times now, so it's not a freak occurrence and seems to be an issue with Command Sat Nav. So I put in a UK postcode and then go to put street no. in, but it's not one of the drop down options and the number entry is greyed out for manual entry. So you have no...
  6. paulgorringe

    4 digit postcode

    Hi For some reason my comand which is a NTG2 with genuine latest maps bought from a dealer is only accepting 4 digit postcodes :mad: I thought it was 5 digits on the new map dvd Ver15 Trying to enter *** 8JG will only let me enter *** 8 Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks
  7. tali

    Postcode health Map

    Even hours of sunshine! "People can tap in their postcode on and discover rates of certain illnesses in their area, as well as how they fare for potentially dangerous environmental factors." Home page | The Environment and Health Atlas
  8. Dave Richardson

    Postcode Lottery

    Here in the SW, there seems to have been a TV advertising campaign to join the National Post Code Lottery. I appreciate this may or may not be down to chance in the same way as other lotteries so my questions are has any other member joined in & secondly has any member ever won anything ? David
  9. swannymere

    How big is... in relation to your postcode?

    Saw this for Glastonbury Festival and thought it might be of interest, the Kumbh Mela Ganges festival is mental. How big is?
  10. F

    Ntg4 with full postcode and SD slot?

    I was browsing eBay as you do and came across this: The description suggests it is an NTG4 with full postcode search and SD slot, I didn't think either of these...
  11. Barks

    Comand Postcode Navigation issue

    Even the very latest Comand system and the latest DVD upgrade (V.12 for CL) will not navigate by the full post code - takes only 4/5 digits then gives you streets. Was discussing this with another Merc owner who says his dealer acknowledged this as a 'bug' and said that it would be 'fixed'...
  12. T

    Comand full postcode update

    Hi, I have an E350CDI Coupe, Nov 2009 model. COMAND does not provide full post code entry. I have read you can get the system updated from the dealer. has anyone had this done and the cost? Thanks
  13. mirras

    Full Postcode on 2008 w216

    Is it possible to upgrade comand on 2008 CL to accept full postcode destinations? TIA :thumb:
  14. tali

    Car insurance postcode risk database

    Post Code Risk calculator for any insusrance group in the UK with Visitcars This is a good one - says i'm 1692 out of 1697- i reckon i'm 1698 out of 1697!!! :wallbash::wallbash: Car Insurance Buster: Check average costs in your postcode | This is Money
  15. G

    w169 comand postcode...

    Hi any idea if there are any update to allow me to put in a full postcode,i cant believe a £1500plus nav is missing this quite vital bit of info.bloody annoying that a £100 tomtom has full post code input....
  16. V

    Linguatronic navigation postcode problem

    Hi, I have just bought my first ever mercedes and this is my first post! I have an E class W211 MY2009 which has the new command NTG 2.5 I can enter 7 digit post codes with no problem when using the keys and all works ok. But if i use the voice command "Enter Postcode", it says...
  17. drcarrera

    COMAND crashes on postcode entry, and radio problems

    Hi We've got a MY08 SLK, and since new we've had problems with COMAND. 75% of the time, if you enter a post code into the sat nav, the whole unit crashes and reboots. Another irritation is that half the time you can't pick up any radio stations (on any channel). This isn't a reception issue...
  18. Alfie

    MY2009 comand with 7 digit postcode input

    I have been experimenting with fitting a MY2009 HD comand for a W169 A class to see if it can be retrofitted to a pre MY09 car. The navigation works fine and in fact has 7 digit postcode input which is nice. The Radio does not work as the new units require an active antenna rather than...
  19. S

    No Postcode Search

    Hi I recently retrofitted a comand 2.0 unit into my ML 270 CDI and have just got round to getting a 2006/7 Teleatlas sat nav disc. I was under the impression it would have postcode search but can't find it. Any help? Cheers:confused:
  20. pammy

    Tom Tom Go postcode ugrade

    It's hubby's birthday in a couple of weeks and I want to get him the TTG postcode upgrade. I've already upgraded via the wodn load to V5 firmward which is great, but as far as I know you get the V5 and the postcodes on the new upgrade card. Is this right? TTG's website is still saying to...
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