1. Myclk55amg

    Newbie with a few posts

    Hey guys like the title says I'm newbie who's got 20 odd posts!, but there's still something baffling me? How do you post photos your help would be most welcomed thankyou
  2. developer

    Malcolm (Television) Hits 150,000 Posts

    Obviously on the other forum, which many of us frequent. I thought this may be of some interest to those that remember him from here (a bit before my time). Not meant to be a controversial post - I'm merely sharing that at 80 years old he's still going strong online, as well as attending...
  3. merc85

    1,901 of worthless Posts

    As above well done me lol:D
  4. markjay

    AJ564's Posts - Vanished?

    ..what was this all about? :confused: A spammer...?
  5. R

    Only 4 more posts and I'll be a 'Hardcore MB Enthusiast'

    That's pretty exciting for a Thursday evening. I'm guessing that OT posts don't count though...
  6. W

    MBClub 2 Million posts!

    Well that's a milestone worth noting. But yet I'm still undecided which oil is best and why the ECP discount code doesn't work!
  7. baxlin

    Editing posts

    Anyone know why it is that, after I have carefully typed a post, setting it out in proper paragraphs, if I go back into it to correct something, all the paragraphs are lost, and it re-posts in one big lump? Not sure if this happens if using a PC, but it certainly does using an iPad. Thanks...
  8. The _Don

    Mercedes-Benz posts best-selling month ever
  9. flango

    Infuriating Motorway Madness (Please do not read if you find my posts offensive)

    OK I know one or two people on here have been upset by my recent posts calling them rude, extreme and even offensive so I’m going to try and cover this topic as delicately and as sensitively as I can. Today is an office day for Ian the Engineer and he leaves the house at 7am on his 40 mile...
  10. grober

    Join Date: Jun 2013 E320 CDI SPORT Designo Mauritius Blue

    Because you have posted in the members gallery no one can reply. Because you are new no one can PM you either. try reposting in the general section--- nice car ---- very ---vibrant! ;) the pano roof would have set you back £1,218 the designo paint £895 nappa leather £1208 or...
  11. Jay Jenner

    Never thought it would happen

    got to 30 posts now i can pm if i see a car i want (kinda got my eye on a nice E55 amg but not sure i can justify it)
  12. k.dawson1

    How Many Posts?

    Apologies in advance if this information is listed somewhere in the forum rules, but can anyone tell me how many posts/threads you have to make before you can pm other members or upload pictures of your car etc. I don’t want to post threads for the sake of it, only want to post if I have a...
  13. M

    how do you bring up the posts you have started

    Hello Guys Just enrolled today and done a couple of posts What do you you click to bring up only the posts/threads you have done Many Thanks
  14. Wizeng

    New Posts

    What has happened to the 'New Posts' Header at the top? I used to use it constantly to filter out the older posts. Now it takes twice as long. :wallbash:
  15. mcevoyd

    Floor Mats - gripper posts broken

    Hi, my driver's mat has circular female fixings built in to stop it floating around but the male posts in the carpet are not there. Looks to me like they have been snapped off in the past. Anyone know if these can be replaced? Thanks
  16. sam-orr

    Thirty posts?!

    Is this really necessary?
  17. BaldGuy

    3000 Posts!

    Well it only took 10 years!!! Quality over quantity :rock:
  18. Sp!ke

    Trolling threads and posts

    Having received many complaints of trolling especially in C63 threads, I think we need to draw a line in the sand now as the behaviour is getting particularly tiresome (you know who you are). In addition to being tiresome, it is often a most unwelcoming start for new members. Starting...
  19. gaz_l

    1000 posts..

    Well, as title really! :bannana: Taken me 6 years as I'm more of a reader than a poster, but got there in the end. I'm a bit worried, actually: do I have to buy cakes for everyone or something? :D Cheers, Gaz
  20. T

    i cant PM or post in classifieds after 30 posts, HELP please

    As title states, I still can't access these features, can anyone help
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