1. A

    4pot and disc set up for w203

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my sport edition Must be in good condition Cash waiting Thanks
  2. zenman63

    AMG Private Lounge Meet Coventry Stock Pot Cafe 8th July

    Hi all, I'm organising an AMG Only meet at a very nice location for breakfast and GTG 9:30 - 12:00 Stock Pot Cafe. I need a show of hands so I can reserve a space for us all. Very large parking area! AMG Private Lounge Cheers, Olly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SmartMAC

    Pot hole damage and buckled wheel. Pics inside.

    Not a happy cahp at the moment. I did this on way back from work yesterday and I am sure it is going to cost me loads of money. Do I have a case to put a claim against the council? If so, do I have to get it repaired before I do? I managed to talk to the house owner near the pot hole who told...
  4. T

    My 6 pot diesel from the dark side lol

    As well as the misses B170, I also have a 2004 BMW 330D touring Sport with manual 6sp. I sold a nigh on 500bhp Audi S4 for this car due to it ticking every box, good mpg, performance, practicality as had a large dog at the time. I also work with large diesels so made sense buying one. I...
  5. carat 3.6

    Tin pot dictator on a budget.....

  6. K

    AMG 8 pot on W221 S Class?

    Seen this kit offered on the sales section: "1 no. full set of AMG 8/4 pot calipers inc discs, (front discs have very slight cracks at the vent holes, but still lots of life left) rear discs as new, rear pads are very good, and to include 1 no brand new OEM front set of front pads, still in...
  7. alexanderfoti

    AMG 8 Pot Front Brake Calipers

    As above really. Good condition, comes with all mounting hardware, pad clips etc. Removed from a CL55 AMG Kompressor Special offer, for MB club forum members! - £420 ONO
  8. G

    CLK 200 Roof Alarm sounding going over Pot Holes

    Hi All ..got a problem with my wifes roof on a 2005 CLK W209 in that when it goes over a pot hole especially on the left side the warning light comes on the dash to say the roof is in operation, meaning you have to stp put the roof through a partial open and reclose it ! Ive been to a Merc...
  9. trapperjohn

    Wanted. Set of four pot calipers. 124.

    So have been bombing round in my shopping trolley for a while (203 C270 Estate) I decided to slip back into something more comfortable - and slow. My 300D 24V Estate. Oh dear I do miss the brakes in the 203. :eek: Anyone got a of four pot calipers for a 124 lurking about they may want to...
  10. D

    four pot for two pot

    Hi all, after seeing that it may be possible to put a set of four pot brakes on a merc that has two pot brakes on it how difficult is it and will I have to change alot or will they bolt straight on :confused: Even if you think I'm off my head let me know any feed back is good. Thanks Derick.
  11. Rex-Mac

    Mrs Pot meets Mr Kettle

    Leaving the M6 yesterday evening a lady in a Hyundai i10 pulled straight out in front of me on the roundabout. There was nothing on my nearside so I just lifted off the throttle and straightened the steering and then pulled back in line behind her with plenty of room to spare. No harm done, no...
  12. Benjy

    Pot Hole Damage

    Guys As some of you know I bought my pride and joy R8 just over 12 months ago and had a fantastic year of ownership. That was up until March when me and the wife were coming back through Maldon Essex and hit a huge pot hole which really shock me and the boss up. To be on the safe side as I use...
  13. alano

    Help !!! One alloy pot holed and the other badly buckled

    Hope some one can help !!! Or give advice !!! I have a w208 clk 2.3 on the 2002 plate While coming down to altontowers for the weekend, leaving the park early because we were like drowned rats. I left Altons and just before the small bridge I went through a puddle Alloy buggered tyre burst...
  14. BAZZER1

    Pot hole britain

    TV Program on Channel 5 at 8pm this evening called POT HOLE BRITAIN DRIVERS BEWARE Should be interesting in particular for those unfortunate enough to have experienced one of these :wallbash: BAZZER1:doh:
  15. M

    delivery mileage c63 amg 6/4 pot brembo calipers

    hi guys i have a set of these up for sale.they are absolute monster brakes that came from a delivery mileage c63 that was replaced for the ever so popular red ones!! they are as new but do bear a couple of small marks(not that these will be visible when fitted) from mercedes they are over...
  16. M

    4 or 6 pot ?

    hi all, i am suffering a midlife crisis and for some strange reason found myself wanting an auto. allways liked the c class 1998/9 model so i thought what the heck...... so i need some advice on which engine variant to go for, 2 litre 4 pot or 2.4 v6 . now i do like v6s but what are they like ...
  17. DSM10000

    Pot hole damage- Are claims worth the effort?

    As SWMBO was away last night I arranged to meet with friends for supper at a local pub about 8 miles away from home. The route involves some rather narrow lanes that are single track with passing places, fairly typical around here. One such section has a long sweeping left hand bend, as I...
  18. G

    MERCEDES x4 POT Front Brake Calipers

    I have a front pair of Large Four Pot brake calipers removed from a 2009 MB E class W211 for sale. The calipers were removed purely for cosmetic reasons and are in good working order, they have been dry stored since removal and as said above were replaced due to the corrosion visible on the...
  19. Bambla

    I hate pot holes

    Was out with my 12 week old daughter today on a shopping trip while the wife stayed home but unfortunately on the way home I hit a big pot hole on the M25 junction 5. A few mins later I could hear the flat tyre on the road and then the tyre warning light came on, luckily I got to hard shoulder...
  20. G

    M104. 24v six pot for sale

    The engine was removed from a 1996/05 C280 and was used in a w201 project of mine. The car was scrapped earlier this year and the engine has never had a chance to be fitted into a new donor unfortunately. Now I have to move out occurred my rented property and the engine must go also. This 2.8...
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