1. B

    Potential owner saying good morning

    Hello all. I don't currently own a Mercedes, but that's potentially going to change soon, so I've signed up to do some research, ask some (possibly stupid) questions and keep an eye on the classified ads. My current car is a Subaru Forester STi, which I've owned for six and a bit years...
  2. french

    Potential (Ha ha ha ) E55k

    They seem to relist a lot of cars but this "Looks" Ok-ish 04 MERCEDES E55 AMG KOMP 5.4 V8 469 BHP, MEGA SPEC, FULL SAT NAV, BI-XENONS ETC | eBay
  3. J

    Potential C63 owner...does anyone regret buying one

    Hi all, So I'm a newbie here and also new to MB. I have always wanted a C63 since seeing one years ago pull up next to me. looking at the prices for a 2013 coupe I feel that they are a depreciated bargain and now is the time to live the C63 dream! A few things I just want to ask thought...
  4. R

    Potential new clk63 black series owner

    hi, currently considering buying a clk63 black series I test drove today and thought this would be a good place to get some info on the car which may assist in my decision. Only amg I've owned in the past was slk32 amg, but did run a ml350 as a daily for 3 years. Have owned performance cars...
  5. riano

    2011 C63 coupe potential purchase....

    Hi Guys, Went to test drive a 2011 C63 with about 48,000 miles yesterday. Considering purchasing it and was wondering what I should look out for/are there likely to be any issues from the high mileage? I have to admit it wasn't quite as fast or responsive as I'd expected but loved it...
  6. F

    Greetings from Scotland - Potential new MB owner

    Hi all. A quick hello. I am in the throws of potentially purchasing my first MB; a new 'C' Class 250Amg line. The whole experience has not been what I expected.... I will post my experiences up to now on the main forum. If I am successful in getting a car this month I will let you all know...
  7. C

    potential cls55 onwer looking for advice

    hi guys, im considering the purchase if my dream car, the cls55 in a month or two and am looking to start gathering some information on them. id be interested to hear feedback from current owners on typical running costs and what common things to look out for when viewing. cheers
  8. Palfrem

    Can any Mods help this potential new member register please?

    Mercedes forums? - Page 1 - Mercedes - PistonHeads Thanks
  9. B

    Potential New Owner

    Firstly thank you, the site has already been an incredibly helpful resource and I’m hopefully going to join the fold with the below C63 Coupe: http://www.austinowen.com/used-MERCEDES-BENZ-C%20CLASS-London-Essex-970869 I had a couple of questions, firstly, any feedback on the car? Good...
  10. reflexboy

    Potential SLK Purchase-Advice needed

    My partner and I are going to look at a 2014 SLK250Cdi AMG Sport shortly. Having owned an R230 and luckily never suffered any roof leaks I was wondering if the SLK (R172) suffered in the same way. I'm aware of the mods, which I did for the R230's roof/rear window seals and regularly used Gummi...
  11. moonloops

    3.0 L OM642 Diesel V6 - potential hose damage

    Anyone with this engine should check the power steering hose that runs around the front right (offside) of the engine cover. The cover has a very sharp lip and on my car it had eaten through the "protective" shroud on the hose and had started to eat into the hose itself. Given that my car...
  12. lisa110rry

    How to deal with potential puncture on SLK R170?

    Hello and apologies if this has been done before, the search function is just not working for me. Because my little car has differently sized wheels or tyres front and back, is there an accepted way of dealing with a potential puncture, other than on a breakdown lorry? I realise there is 0%...
  13. J

    Data card for potential CLS purchase

    WDD2183232A061801 Already requested once but can't find the post now. Sorry. Please could someone get me the data card for the car above. Thanks in advance
  14. Druk

    Caution. Potential 212 wiring problem.

    Poking about under the drivers-side undertray I found this. It's the parking brake switch and associated wiring. There's not a lot of slack and it's been trapped under the adjusting steering column. :eek: Nuff said! .
  15. B

    Potential new W212 or CLS owner

    Hi all, I'm considering either a W212 or CLS, however my reason for change is quite specific. I currently have an Alpina B3 touring (e46) and we're expecting our second child. Since we're wanting to use rear-facing seats for both children, first child is 18months, and the second is due...
  16. waisal

    New w202 C43 owner potential exhaust replacement

    Hello I have owned a 99 plate C43 AMG for just over a week and have been doing jobs to get it in the best condition possible. Took it for a B service today at a highly rated Merc independent who put it on a ramp and let me inspect the underneath. They pointed out the exhaust joints/clamps 3...
  17. B

    Hey Guys - Potential New MB Owner

    Hello All Looks like I may have answered some of my questions already before even saying Hello! Whoops! Looking to get my first MB within my budget and really like the CLK 280 Sport. Having read forums it looks like this has the m272 which is within the range of having a pretty costly...
  18. grober

    Recall potential fire hazard

    Reported elsewhere but haven't read this here. Apologies if its been posted before. Reference : R/2015/041 Manufacturer Ref : SRPC1501 Make: MERCEDES BENZ Model : E-Class & CLS Class Launch Date : 23/03/2015 Numbers Involved : 3877 Build Start Date : 01/07/2012 Build End Date : 31/12/2014...
  19. F

    Potential new car discounts

    Hi. I'm doing the usual long term planning of the next car and at the moment its between a BMW 340 and a c450 AMG for next year. Discounts of around 22% seem to be possible with BMW. How does this compare with Mercedes? If anyone could share any discount info it would be helpful.
  20. M

    Potential MB purchaser

    Hi all, potential MB purchase in the offing so been asking some questions and reading up quite a bit. Also been emailing local independants for servicing etc, big difference in prices compared with main dealers. Softens the blow :) besides if my wife got her way it would be even worse think as...
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