1. gigdesigns

    Bridgestone Potenza S001 on W205 C250

    I recently took delivery of my new W205 C250 saloon and drove out to the airport for holiday, which meant driving a stretch of the M25 between the A3 and M23. A large portion of the motorway is concrete instead of the normal black tarmac. Boy oh boy do I get a lot of tyre roar on the concrete...
  2. Adamccc

    New 19" Bridgestone Potenza 285/30/19 [CLS / E Class - Maybe others]

    New 19" Bridgestone Potenza 285/30/19 Had a puncture on the way to work, so had to buy this for £260 (see reciept) despite having a new set of Pilot Super Sports at home! It was used for 100 miles for the journey home before being taken off so is as new. Looking for £180. Contact me on...
  3. c55

    1 x Bridgestone Potenza Tyre 245 40 18 97 Y

    1 x Bridgestone Potenza Tyre 245 40 18 97 Y Alloy Rim in picture, Not included Removed from CLS Alloy and surplus to requirements No Repair, Tread Depth 5.7 to 6 mm £45.00 Cash on collection Collection from West London or Bucks
  4. c55

    2 x Bridgestone Potenza CLS Tyres 265 35 18

    2 x Bridgestone Potenza Tyres 265 35 18 97 Y No Repairs, Tread Depth 5.7 to 6.3 mm Just removed from a set of CLS alloys and now surplus to requirements Cash on collection Collection from W London or Bucks £140.00
  5. Charles Morgan

    Bridgestone Potenza 265/35/18 97 Y pair

    Taken from my Alpina, both with date stamps 29th week of 2014. 7mm all round the tyres with a slight reduction on the edge to 6.5mm. MO designation (should never have been fitted to my Alpina at all!). Basically as new. About £110 new per tyre, £100 the pair to those who collect. Also a...
  6. John

    Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Tyres 2 x 285 30 ZR19 + 2 x 255 35 ZR19

    Having recently installed a set of AMG III (aka W219 CLS) wheels on my W211, the standard tyres aren't ideal for this application. I could wait until they wear out but this will take ages as I have to drive like a nun on them because they rub at the rear. Therefore, I am selling the...
  7. R

    285/30/19 5mm+ Bridgestone Potenza re050a Tyre

    Bridgestone Potenza re050a Tyre 285/30ZR19 98Y Had as a spare for my CLS55 but thats now gone. Part worn, measures: 5mm 5.5mm 5.8mm NO cracks NO punture repairs NO cuts Very good condition Will fit AMG 19" rear alloys £100 to a forum member (sorry for the poor quality iphone...
  8. blaser24nig

    285 30 19" Bridgestone potenza re050ea wanted

    285 30 19" Bridgestone potenza re050ea wanted, had a bad puncture and need on asap. Thanks
  9. X

    Bridgestone Potenza 050 tyre help

    We have a W209 CLK500 on 18" AMG rims and sports suspension. It is fitted with Bridgestone Potenza 050 tyres all round. The ride is extremely harsh...much harsher than my C270 with 17" and sports suspension....we expected a slightly harsher ride on 18" but not this hard....I have heard that...
  10. B

    Bridgestone Potenza RE050 225/45 17 Tyres (Set of 4)

    Bridgestone Potenza RE040 225/45 17 Tyres (Set of 4) Hi all! I have a set of 4 of these tyres. They have come off a delivery mileage car (100 miles) They are totally perfect in every way. As can be expected the tread is as new. Usually around £95 a tyre, I'm looking for £250 for...
  11. Goldfish11

    Bridgeston Potenza RE050 - Recommended

    I have been running with the new Bridgestone Potenza RE050, a pair fitted to the rear of my W211 (they are 245/45/17's). Have now done 400miles on them. What a difference, the car drives as if it is on rails, cornering is fantastic and the noise levels are reduced definatly worth considering...
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