1. G

    w210 320cdi smoke pouring from the outlet from the turbo to the exhaust!!!

    Just thought i would ask, as the title says, fitted fully reconed turbo, been driving fine, then felt rough on the way to work, then this anyone any ideas, on the train again, this car is gonna bankrupt me!!
  2. A

    Help! Check coolant level, engine pouring!

    Hello everyone, we were drving home this evening in our car ( 56 plate c220 ) when then check coolant light came on. luckily we were passing a garage so i picked some up... Got onto the drive at home and the temps were at 80, but engine was smoking lightly.. parked up engine up and GUSH, must...
  3. A

    Pouring your heart out

    The title is a bit funny, but it expresses exactly what i just did. There was a thread on a bmw forum about a guy asking 'Should i buy a BMW?' and i starting typing away a reply without really thinking, just saying what i really thought.... and... "This is going to sound funny but i've had...
  4. SSBB

    Water pouring through dashboard

    I've had my W202 estate for about six months and driven through heavy rain etc without problem. I used a carwash yesterday (it was an emergency!) As i drove out water gushed in on the passenger side through the dashboard. It poured into the footwell, I got home and removed the panneling, when I...
  5. M

    The joys of pouring ATF into a diesel tank.....

    Just finished my first full tank of diesel in my new (to me, obviously!) '87 250D. I chucked in half a gallon of ATF (autobox fluid - very detergent to clean the fuel system!) along with the tankful of diesel. What a result! It idles better, runs more smoothly and quietly, and even pulls...
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