1. RyanMuller

    Painted or Powder Coated Wheels

    What are everyone's thoughts. Is powder coating worth the extra money? Heard it chips more easily, is it true?
  2. C

    Powder coated calipers - keeping them clean

    My calipers are powder coated yellow. When clean they look superb, but they get dirty quickly. The only way I have found to clean them is to remove the wheels and get to work on them. I don't mind doing this, but what is the best product to use to clean brake dust etc. off them? And is...
  3. C

    Powder coater in or around Manchester

    Anyone know of a good powder coater in or around Manchester? I want to powder coat some rocker covers and some air intakes but need the job turning round reasonably quickly and the finish to be top notch. Any recommendations?
  4. S

    New Mercades Powder Coating

    No caption needed really.
  5. C

    Powder coater near Reading

    Anyone know of a good powder coating company for some AMG wheels near Reading? Thanks in advance.
  6. MWCLS

    4 X 8.5j 17" Alloys OEM CLS 5 Spoke powder coated Gloss black

    Four OEM Mercedes W 219 CLS Alloys powder coated Gloss black less than 500 miles ago. Front 8.5j x 17" offset 28 x 2 with Continental Sport Contact 3 MO tyres 245/45/17 99Y XL 4MM Tread on both one tyre dated week 12 year 11 the other week 29 year 10 Rear 8.5j x 17" offset 18 x 2 with...
  7. s4mb0

    Diamond cut / powder coating

    Can you powder coat diamond cut alloys instead of having them re-cut Mercedes E320 v6 sport
  8. Chrishazle

    Refurb Paint Or Powder Coat?

    I've just bought a set of 17" AMG rims for my 2008 S204. They are in need of full refurb due to lacquer peel etc. I know a good place to get them fully stripped and repainted - they did my 968 wheels last year and made a superb job of them at a reasonable price. I'm wondering whether I'd be...
  9. C

    SL55 - Brakes powder coated and BBS wheels on

    Hi all, Had a few requests for pics of these wheels so thought you all might like to see a few pics of the SL55 wearing her new boots. Done a lot to her in a year, full write up coming soon, but in summary: Respray New front bumper SL63 rear bumper Carbon door handles, fins. Carbon...
  10. Biglee

    R129 Alloys back from Powder coaters

    What do you think
  11. MDC250

    Diamond cut to powder coat/painted...

    Hi all, I've got a set of 17" 6 spoke diamond cut AMG wheels which are 2nd/3rd set for the car. They have some curb damage and scratches to the face. Was considering refurb wise having them powder coated possibly in gunmetal or anthracite finish as cost of having diamond cut reinstated is...
  12. 300CE

    M104 cam cover 300CE24 / 300TE24 Shot-blasted and powder coated red

    Mercedes Benz M104 cam cover 300CE24 / 300TE24 | eBay
  13. U

    city powder coating

    Hi has any one use these guys they seem to have some good deals going thanks
  14. chelle

    Opinions on powder painting

    Hi Everyone Just wanted your opinions on powder painting alloys. Thanks
  15. S

    Powder Coating Recommendations - South East

    Can anyone recommend a good powder coating company preferable in the London/surrounding London area, want to get my valve covers and intakes coated. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  16. npuk

    City Powder Coaters Birmingham

    Bit of a long shot but if anyone is planning on making a trip to City Powder Coaters in Birmingham in the next few weeks from around London and you can fit an extra set of wheels please let me know. Thanks.
  17. Spinal

    Powder Flushing?!

    I need to get my radiators flushed... I have typical signs of sludge build up. That said, I've stumbled across powder flushing (as a pose to power flushing) here: POWDERFLUSH They seem to the be the only one's doing it that I can find... Has anyone experienced this...
  18. AJA

    City Powder Coating

    Take a look at this offer guys & gals - City Powder Coaters Ltd. Birmingham. 0121 448 7646. A friend of mine has used them and the results are amazing - Before - Afters - Anybody else used them?
  19. CE230

    £20 powder coating offer

    Came across this place in Birmingham but have not used them. May be worth a punt at that price.
  20. rajinder_1

    Powder Coat or Wet Spray?

    Hi Guys, My rims on the SL are looking a bit tired, thinking of getting them refurbed. im in two minds if i should get them powdercoated of sprayed? the SL is designo so has a sterling silver finish which i believe is sprayed rather than powdercoat, although i wqs told that i may be...
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