1. David404

    W211 (E320) )M642 - lack of power

    Driving back from Devon today car lost power, not misfiring, no horrid noises but severe lack of power, wont run past 3000RPM and NO EML or any other warning lights on. when up to speed it runs along just fine you wouldn't know there was anything wring its only on opening the throttle that...
  2. reflexboy

    Power for puddle lights in the mirrors-R172

    Hi all Our 2014 R172 doesn't have the interior lighting package so the already present LED puddle lights under the door mirrors won't light up. I have traced the wires from the light to the door panel and have extended it bring it into the car, applied 12v and hey presto, nice white light!! I...
  3. L

    Mercedes w210 diesel loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  4. L

    Mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel W210 loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  5. S

    C43 Power Down

    Hi all, Had the C43 for 8 months now and overall I'm happy with it but it has felt down on power for months. I have it booked in with MB on 11th August for them to look at it but I can't see them having anything equipment on site to determine if there is a problem or even if they will tell me...
  6. W

    M111 engine lack of power issues.

    Hi Chaps, I have a C200 Estate 2001 w203 the engine is the m111 1998cc supercharged version. When I purchased the car last year my top speed was in excess of 135 mph and I could easily overtake another vehicle in 3 rd gear with ease. The car could really get up and go and was a magic car to...
  7. AngryDog

    Expected Power?

    What power would you expect a healthy E55 with Eurocharged map and 84mm pulley to be?
  8. P

    W124 Power Aerial with Modern DAB Head Unit?

    I'd like to fit a DAB into my 260E, but retain the power aerial for FM use. I realise that I'll have to fit either a splitter or an additional DAB aerial, but modern head units don't seem to have an output signal to power the electric aerial. I guess I could use a feed from the ignition and...
  9. B

    Prefacelift power folding mirrors

    Were power folding mirrors ever an option on pre-facelift UK cars?
  10. M

    Lost power 2002 E220 ELegance estate

    My car has been performing beautifully , as i was accelerating earlier i heard a slight buzzing or wheezing noise , fairly faint and only upon accelerating . I was close to home but when i got to within 10 yards, NOTHING! , Engine running OK,but unable to drive forward or reverse, clearly...
  11. H

    Sprinter 906 313 2.2CDI POWER LOSS

    Hi guys I'm new on here and after years of driving simple easy/cheap to fix ford transits I've gone a bought a sprinter 313 2.2 cdi 2007 with 140k on it Was driving fine however now the thing can barely get up a bloody hill at 25mph, I have delphi autocom and read out and reset the fault codes...
  12. B

    Engine Management Light & reduced power

    Hi all, first time post. I've just acquired a 2011 Vito 116 CDI blue effieciency but having a couple of issues already. So I've driven a few times to Cornwall from Buckinghamshire and back on day trips recently. On all occasions on the return the leg the engine management light has come on and...
  13. W

    Mercedes e320 w210 cdi lack of power - year 2000

    Hoping you guys can help me here.... when i start the car everything is fine. Full power, full boost... no issues. If the car idles for a minute or so in traffic, then pull off with big drop in power... boost non existant. It will stay like this until engine stopped and restarted. As soon as i...
  14. W

    Mercedes Sprinter - Loss of power (P0252)

    Hi, I'm not that good when it comes to cars and mechanics. I've had my 2011 - 313 Sprinter for a while now and I have had the error 'P0252 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control “A” Range/Performance (Cam/Rotor/Injector)' for sometime. The van lacks power, sometimes as soon as I start it, it...
  15. W

    Loss of power and engine issues c200 2001 T model w203.

    Hi guys, I am about pulling my hair out with parts replacement after replacement but still no result. The car is as stated a C Class C200 Kompressor w203 2001 T model Estate UK Import, The car has been running fine and would give me a top seed of at least 130mph with a rapid and smooth...
  16. Brabus1408

    Brabus D6-III Eco Power Xtra Tuning kit - **BARGAIN**

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have the following for sale in used, but very good condition, which was previously fitted, with great success, to my 2008 Mercedes C320 CDI. Brabus D6-III Eco Power Xtra Tuning kit - increases power to 272bhp and toque to 590Nm. Data rom the Brabus website: BRABUS...
  17. grober

    Driver Power Survey

    Best cars to own: Driver Power 2017 results | Auto Express
  18. B

    W211 misfire, power loss and smoking.

    I have a 2005 W211 E320 with 135,000 on the clock. It has been running faultlessly but, after filling the tank to full, (from about one third full), the engine misfires, especially when pressure is applied to the throttle pedal, it has a lack of power and emits black smoke when revved while...
  19. Baldbloke

    Power steering fluid for a 2007 E class estate

    Just done an oil and filter change and noticed the Power steering fluid was on the lowest mark on the dip stick. I can see no indication in my owners manual or in the engine bay which fluid to use to top up. Any pointers please as I don't want to use something incompatible and my nearest dealer...
  20. M

    W213 power boot, broken again after manually closing

    My powered boot opening closing has just broken for the second time in a month after someone manually closed without pressing the close button! The boot feels limp like something on hinge or spring has detached. First time I took back to dealer and they took all day to fix telling me how...
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