1. Gucci

    Mac conundrum - slow Powerbook - trying all sorts!

    Just recently, my Powerbook G4 is booting very slowly (6 mins - it used to be about 30 seconds). No reason, no changes - just started happening. Anyway, did the usuals - reset PMU, zapped PRAM, ran Onyx, Disk utility, repaired permissions. No luck. So, I decided to boot from the OSX...
  2. eGuru

    G4 PowerBook

    Does anyone know the best place to source a new battery and power adapter for a 4 year old 15" PowerBook, please? TIA
  3. Bugblatter

    Apple iBook PowerBook Battery Recall

    Some batteries are overheating. Apple are replacing those which fall within the serial number range published on their website: Battery Exchange
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