1. M

    Powered wing mirror

    The wing mirror on the passenger side of my 06 E320 doesn't fold in fully. I would estimate it manages about 50% of the full movement. How am I best to troubleshoot this? I don't think it's electrical because surely there would be no movement at all if it was. I was wondering if there was...
  2. J

    W208 cant get in boot. Not even with charging point powered

    Hi All, Im hoping someone can help point me in the right direction with the boot that wont release on my X plate W208 clk 430 cab. Ive been a bit of an idiot. Ive had a dodgy battery for a few months (I dont drive it very often and no power in the garage to trickle charge it). Ive had to...
  3. moonloops

    Powered mono-wheeled numpty

    Saw this doofus wobbling his way through London traffic today (which was more chaotic due to the tube strikes). :fail
  4. I

    CLS W219 Powered Boot Not Working

    Hi, I'm having a few issues with my powered boot opener/closer, it just stopped working one day last week. I have done a little fault finding today but to no avail. I have tested the drive motor and that is working fine when 12v applied to it. The close button on the boot lid itself is...
  5. D

    Mercedes ahead of the battery powered competition.

    Move over Tesla... arQ8_PW-RiA
  6. A

    Engine management light now under powered

    Before I start thanks to anyone with any sort of advice as I'm really stuck as what to do. Car is a 56 plate e320cdi face-lift Started the other morning went into town and noticed that the car was quite smokey but all seemed fine power was still there just smokies than usual anyways went...
  7. Felstmiester

    Solar powered security lights

    Anyone used them? Are they any good? I know this sort of thing has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years and thought it may save me running cables everywhere.
  8. W

    Mains Powered Tyre Inflator

    I'm looking for a good mains powered tyre inflator, I'd love something that works as well as the compressors on a garage forecourt but that may be asking too much but do want something that's quite quick and with a bit more muscle than the 12v cigarette lighter ones. Does anyone happen to...
  9. V

    Powered boot close R230

    Watching a few videos on you tube I've noticed that the US have a button on the trunk to close the boot electronically. Not seen this on UK videos. Can it be retro fitted? Cheers
  10. K

    Gas powered daily life

    Very funny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vog7yDmcDNQ&feature=youtu.be
  11. spinaltap

    Powered Now

    IFIRC, sometime ago, someone was asking advice on invoicing and general administration software for their iPad. Whoever it was, this might possibly fit the bill... Features & Benefits | Powered Now
  12. H

    Quicker steering box to W114 powered by M104 3,2

    I was on the race track yesterday with my Coupe to make a base test of what's working and what needs to be improved. Car is really fast with rebuilt suspension and brakes but the steering could be quicker. Is there a quicker steering box from some other model to be fitted in W114? Thinking of...
  13. lxi

    R230 powered boot lift intermittent failure

    Does anyone know the high level operation cycle of this? The car has keyless, so the feature is brilliant - just approach the boot, pull the handle & up it goes. Except this morning it didn't. Pulled the handle & the lid popped up an inch but didn't fully "unlatch", so had to pull the handle...
  14. J

    w202 powered side mirrors with indicators built in

    well i got these a couple of years ago with the intention of retro fitting them onto my 1998 w202 but ive decided to keep it with the stock look. i have NO idea what they are worth so was wondering if anyone is interested they could make me an offer on them. im happy to post them out.
  15. Bobby Dazzler

    Looking for mains powered sirens, beepers and buzzers

    I would like to install some very, very loud sirens or alarm sounders which I can control from a relay or which plug in to main power socket, ideally one inside and one outside. I’d also like to install some moderately loud “beep” sounders or buzzers in much the same way. Any suggestions...
  16. B

    Solar powered battery chargers

    Just purchased a koolertron 8.5-watt 12v solar panel battery charger from Amazon. I already have a Ctek for home use but purchased one of these for the times when a suitable power source might not be available. For example leaving your car at an airport car park for 2 or 3 weeks. Ok a good...
  17. S

    Tuning a 55K powered car what are the options

    Tuning a 55K powered car what are the options I have been asked many times in posts, pm’s and at GTG’s two main questions what’s the best mod for a 55K and if I had the chance to do it all again would I take the same route. Both difficult questions to answer and let me start by pointing...
  18. Spinal

    Turbine Powered Car

    Spotted this at Santa Pod on the weekend, in the "funny car" category! Quite pleasant, but only reached 260mph in the quarter mile strip... so was easily outperformed by the top fuel dragsters... JOanwgq2PWE Also, it wasn't as loud as I was hoping... again, the top fuel things (and the nitro...
  19. TrickyTrev

    W211 Broken seat control buttons / powered steering column

    Folks I went to look at an e55 recently and was surprised to find one of the seat buttons snapped off and missing, also the electric motors to raise the steering column weren't working. In the case of the steering column - does this happen frequently and can be easily repaired? In the case...
  20. Merc Owner 2B

    Problem with W166 ML250 powered tailgate

    If the tailgate hasn't been used for a day or so when I open it (key or doormounted switch) it unlatches and just sits there, doesn't raise. I then lift it by hand (bit of resistance from motor) to its full open point and press the tailgate mounted button and it closes normally. From that point...
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