1. Peter DLM

    Getting used to powerful cars.

    So I recently acquired an E92 M3 to accompany my Caterham on the track and I've been driving it around for a few days, I hadn't used my E63 for a couple of weeks, but jumping back into it today made me realise just how brutally powerful it is and how easy it just hurls itself at the horizon...
  2. gIzzE

    And this is why teenagers should not drive powerful cars!!

    Muppet!! :D LiveLeak.com - Bmw M3 too much for a young man
  3. N

    most powerful pre fly by wire diesel ?

    I am trying to identify which was the last low tech merc diesel that did not require an engine managemnet system/ ecu. I had a w124 5 cyl 250 non turbo mid 80`s -certainly that only needed a fuel supply and wire to the fuel solenoid to run. but was not powerful. was there a later engine, that...
  4. C240Sport97

    new more powerful 350 CDi engine

    Was playing around today on configurator .. the 350CDi engine in the E estate is now developing 195KW, which is about 265hp (was 170KW, 231 hp). CO2 has dropped to 170g/km .. was nearer 200g/km before. That is going to be a mighty fine and fast car. Not seen any news on this though.
  5. T

    ESP Nanny now more powerful?

    I notice in the USA/Canada Owner Manual for the E-Class Coupe for 2011 that to turn off ESP (as far as Mercedes allow their ESP to be "off") it is now necessary to delve into the menus. The ESP OFF button that used to be below the hazard warning light switch is now the 'gurtbringer' seat belt...
  6. James Rothwell

    Powerful W220s

    As I'm now interested in the W220 range more than ever before. I've been trying to get a better understanding of the range of powerful W220s. As far as I understand there are 3 powerful versions available? S600 S600 Bi-Turbo S55 AMG Could you get an S55 K AMG? The S55 and the S600 seem...
  7. W

    Tsunami - Powerful quake off Samoa islands

    Maybe not so relevant for a UK forum, but worth spreading the word for friends and familt abroad: BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Powerful quake off Samoa islands
  8. PaulE230

    w210 climate.... the fan doesnt seem to be very powerful

    I have changed the pollen filters but this had no effect shall I also change the carbon filter ? Any other advice ?
  9. R

    Its Started - Powerful Cars are Evil...

    Having vilified 4x4s, it seems the green lobby and sympathetic columnists have now turned their sights on other powerful vehicles. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/europe_diary/default.stm Granted this is one (deluded) individual's opinion, but is probably the start of a drip drip of...
  10. glojo

    World's Most Powerful Motorcycle?

    http://www.marineturbine.com/motorsports.asp Just watched this on television. The manufacturer guarantee's it will acheive 250mph or they will give you your money back!! One quote that made me smile was, "Everywhere we go, it gets the mobile phone salute." Regards, John Edit...
  11. Robby

    Ooooh its all powerful again.

    I had my ATF and filter changed at a garage yesterday. What a difference. I used to avoid kickdown because it took over a second to spin up and felt like clutch slip with the transmission, sounded good but just lacked power. Now its powerful enough to spin the back wheels in the wet kicking...
  12. Satch

    Most powerful diesel engine in the world?

    Another one of those stupid work arguments started off by someone who fancies a VW Tourag with a W10 engine. So inevitably somebody came up with this: http://www.bath.ac.uk/~ccsshb/12cyl/ Whoa!
  13. P

    POWERFUL exhaust

    What do you all think of these 'Powerful exahusts' which u can get from Eurocarparts. Not ****d about any bullshit power gains just want to fill the gap in my rear bumper
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